Android Games: Freaking Math

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Joe takes a look at the frustratingly simple and addictive game, Freaking Math. For more, visit

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  1. This shit is more annoying then flappy bird.. what makes it worse is that you know the answer after 1 second, go to press the right button and times up.. fuck this shit.

  2. At least its an annoyance that can actually help people get smarter ,even if its simple math. Some people still have to think for a second or count in their head. I like it.

  3. I think simple & difficult games is always fun.. but when I published Little Ninja Run on play store, almost all user ask me to make it easier.. and when I make "Freaking color text" new simple game but easier  than Little Ninja Run, some user tell me that freaking color text is better than Little Ninja Run..
    Now I realize that simple + difficult is not always fun