Android Games (Part 1) – Dat Game Review

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The Android Market has a lot of sexy icons to lure us in. But do these games really live up to the art?

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  1. Peter.. you're one hell of a teacher this class ain't learning shit cause they're playing with shit! hahahahahahahaha!! damn man why do you have to be so funny?!

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  3. Whenever there are games where you can tear clothes…I always ask "What's the catch? It's not going to be as straightforward as that, is it? I KNEW IT! Flips a table and rants about it" XD

  4. i wonder if there's any good visual novels for android containing sexual content..
    seems like it'd be pretty good match considering visual novels can actually work pretty well on touchscreens. oh yeah, i can totally see myself getting really bothered playing something like that while waiting for the bus mwahahahaha