Android N vs iOS 10 – New Features Comparison

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iOS 10 vs Android N! How Do The Features Compare? iOS 10 Beta 1 & Android N Developer Preview 4.


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    im waiting for arguments for and against this.

  2. Android is far more superior than iOS for only one main reason.

    Android is a "Linux" based operating system. Meaning you can gain full privilege access and administration on your OS by rooting.

    on iOS case, users jailbreak their device to:
    install 3rd party apps
    other extensions
    which all can be done on Android without root access, so just imagine what power Android has with root

  3. I had used android phones for 5 years and I thought they were the best until last year I finally gave myself the opportunity to try and iPhone and iOS is honestly way better. The only issue I have come across has been some apps that android has but you can't find in the App Store. The speed and fluidity of iOS is way better. iOS in my experience is superior to android.

  4. The one thing I'm really only worried about when I switch to Android is getting viruses, and security (in terms of buying apps and personal/credit card info).

  5. I'm switching to iOS from Android. For me it's about the two categories Apps/Programs and User Interface when comparing operating systems, whether that's mobile operating systems or computer systems. Those categories are then dividing into two sub-categories: Apps = Compatibility and Development; User Interface = Usability and Development. iOS wins in both development categories due to better memory management and performance of the UI and Apps. Android wins in usability due to customisation, etc. Compatibility is a draw because both operating systems have all the apps I need to use. Therefore, iOS wins on the apps category, and the user interface category is depending on whether you prefer customisation or performance and I prefer performance so iOS also wins user interface so iOS wins overall. Then of course the hardware is now on par with Android phones due to Apple increasing the RAM and adding big.LITTLE to their CPUs. Therefore, price and hardware are similar but software wins for iOS so that's why I'm switching. I think iOS has always been better but the hardware is what stopped me from switching but now it's improved. However, other apple products are still overpiced so I'll pass on the rest.

  6. dude u cannot uninstall Google deafult application like Google maps…after all android is Google's product…only u can disable it.

  7. Easy explanation

    Android: releases more features quicker but often have flaws
    IOS: releases features once perfected or somewhere near perfect

  8. you must know that android sucks. lot of laggy. and ez get virus. ios is fullsecurity. is very support and not lagg and u can't donwload app from website cuz in website is lot of virus app

  9. Android offers
    OTG HDD or flash disc or keyboard or mouse or joystick + wifi direct + thems and live wallpaper+Bluetooth anything share + file manager +no iTunes bullshit +NFC+ wireless charging+ better screen resolution+ SD card slot + what's more .. Android geekers

  10. Android came AFTER ios and was determined to be better. I would say that they met their goal. Android is way more customizable. So much so that some people complain about "too many choices".

  11. All these Apple fanboys trying to say Apple is better because Android is "laggy", I've been using my Android device for 2 years and it's never lagged once, Android lagging is a thing of the past, Android is superior and that's a fact.