Android on Pixel vs iOS on iPhone: Best User Experience?!

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Android on Pixel 2 XL: Best User Experience! Android is a best-in-class mobile operating system experience, topping iOS in just about every practical way. Android Oreo is less janky than iOS 11, sporting a better design, contains far less slop, is largely more responsive, but… is still far from perfect.
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Hello, galaxy! I’m Chris Pirillo, and I love living the geek lifestyle – as a family-loving father, as an entrepreneur, as a Star Wars collector, as a retro video game player, as a LEGO minifigure fan, as a pop culture event producer, as a thrifting junkie, as an ’80s nostalgia kidult, as a toy seeker, as a coupon clipper, as a consumer tech advisor, as a person who loves picking up the digital camera that’s usually sitting inside his smartphone and recording whatever thoughts happen to be in my head at the time (or experiences that I’m happy to share with the world)!


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  1. If someone tells you iOS is smoother or faster than Android I bet for $100 he never use Android
    Most of my friends also do the same to me, but apparently I have brain

  2. This guy is in OCD mode for the past month (at least). He produces videos only to say in each and every one of them, over and over again in stress mode, that Apple has lost their crown and Android Oreo is the smoothest experience. Dude, get over it! Move on with the "smoother" experience and stop capitalizing on hate towards Apple. Move on Chris. I believe that you believe that you clearly "see" the truth. Just Stop Evangelizing .

  3. All things must pass, Chris. Apple has been on top for years, they may be on the ropes but as long as they want to improve, I’m sure they will. They’re not exactly garbage.
    You’ll always get ups & downs. With what I need it to do, iOS is good. I also like the fact that I don’t get spam etc popping up which happened a lot on Android.

  4. iphone 10 and pixel 2 are both retarded. they are both at least 5 times too expensive for a phone. Buy a 200$ lg g4 and it does everything a phone needs to do perfectly. If you want to play games or do video editing get a god damn PC.

  5. I knew he was going to talk for 13 minutes and not give one shred of evidence. I will now declare that windows phone is more buttery smoother the butter

  6. All of these phones seem to have a fatal flaw that you only realize after using them for a year. For my Nexus 6P, it was a battery failure that most users got. I tend to trust Apple and Samsung overall more than the rest when it comes to hardware.

  7. Chris is a trader… of information!  and is saying what we all are thinking, Apple needs to turn the ship around now while they have the cash to do it…

  8. Back subscribing to Chris. Did you preorder the iPhone X? Cannot wait till you talk about it.

    I know deep inside you love Apple. My feeling is that Apple has some Android moles inside Apple and leaking stuffs, making all these iOS bugs. My conspiracy theory there.

  9. Finally it's been said lol Android is open source which means lots of testing by more than just manufacturers and software designers with the same blah insight. There are so many awesome developers that bring different aspects and Ideas to a ever changing platform. Android maybe wasn't as good as Apple but they have definitely caught up if not surpassed Apple and its over simplicity that leaves is consumer's feeling cheated. Their new and improved software has already been done on Android and tweaked or trashed and now Apple is struggling in a Android world. I like Android because of the features and freedom it gives you to make it your own….. May the force be with you…. Always.

  10. ROFL @ chris Google Play Biggest Jank Fest lol – The reason this kind of thing may be happening is on larger screens .. you may not see that screen issue on smaller devices the have smaller screens .. it may have less to do with code and more to do with rotation and or connection to the led system .. having said that I got a iphone 8 plus today .. I came from Galaxy s8 which was nice but I don't like android .. I was just trying out the latest device as we normally do .. I am not seeing the reason to get a iPhone X .. some reasons as you may have come to see .. face id failure and all out lameness that Tim Cook just wants to have a phone in his name.

  11. I use a iPhone and a pixel (the SE and pixel 1) this is on point. I avoid the iPhone for a lot of tasks. idk why but I get stutters on the iPhone SE in the notification panel when running youtube. iOS 11 has been a mess but please don't defend apple saying that iOS 10 was perfect it had enough flaws by itself. iOS has the crappiest notification management, I miss so many texts because they get piled up on one another. why does the camera open gesture exist in the notification panel? it's a fucking hinderance and a miss swipe opens the camera. why doesn't something basic like T9 dialing not exist on the dialer yet? I can just go on, iOS is a slop fest that is now inconsistent across their own platform when they prided on consistency. the new control center opens more options on the SE using just a long press. while I have to 3d touch it on the 6s and on. with the iPhone X control center is a swipe down from the right hand corner. I can just go on

  12. My iPhone does that too. Does an unintended screenshot as the OS is running slow and catching up so thinks the home and on button is pressed is in unison ?
    Granted I'm on iPhone 6+ on iOS 10, mind .. apparently iPhone 8 is a shit show then.