Android One (Mi A1) vs Stock Android (Google Pixel)- Speed Test, Benchmark, Memory Management Test

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Xiaomi Mi A1 is the latest stock android device from Google and it runs the software designed by Google and it is mainitained by it. Let sdo a quick speed test between Mi A1 running Android One vs Google Pixel running Android One.

Wallpaper Used in Video :

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[YouTube, हिन्दी]


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  1. Next time you do a comparison do not talk so much in the beginning because genuinely no one cares.. we are here just to watch the comparison and they do not need any introduction. Very frank advice/ criticism hope you won't mind.

  2. Those saying that comparing Oreo with Android is unfair! Do remember this guy over here is comparing SD821with SD 625, also both have 4GB RAM but Mi A1 is LPDDR3 whereas PIXEL XL has LPDDR4. So this test shouldn't be taken seriously!

  3. I think pixel took the photos faster bcos it was in HDR auto ! and in HDR auto depending on the light conditions it turns off the HDR in high light and turns on in low light for or for the dynamic range!

    use HDR on instead of HDR auto next time bcos it's forces HDR to turn on !

  4. Mi A1 is very good in that price but in performance pexil is win beacause as price is so high than mi but in ram managment mi wins we have to say that mi is good defensive of pixel

  5. Thank you for the review! One question, can you tell me where did you buy the screen protector for Mi A1 ? Struggling with finding a good one. The one you have in the video seems pretty well. Thank you!