Android Studio 4.0 Tutorial – Part 1

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Note: This series is partially outdated. View the updated 2021 series here: (View both series if you find them helpful, but if you get stuck see updated techniques in the 2021 series.)

Build an Android app for users to purchase food from restaurants, created all with Android Studio and Kotlin. This 4.0 tutorial series picks up where we left off in Android Studio 3.6 which I released about two months ago. Nothing has changed in this version that makes the 3.6 tutorial obsolete so go back and watch it on my YouTube channel page.

Today let’s build a RecyclerView and Adapter that displays a list of restaurants for the user to choose. We’ll use a single XML layout and a Kotlin RecyclerView Adapter and ViewHolder for this.

If you want to become an Android Engineer then learning how to use RecyclerViews is a must. I’ve used it nearly every day for five years. It’s very common.

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  1. Hi Daniel. I am finding the tutorials easy to follow but I got stuck at the recyclerview id code in FirstFragment.kt. I have added my id under the Attributes window in fragment_first.xml but it isn't recognised when I start typing the code flowersRecyclerView.apply in FirstFragment.kt. Are you able to give me some ideas on why this isn't recognised even after creating an id?

  2. Hi Mr.Malone, I face a problem that the button's id is not appearing in the autocomplete list. How to actually fix this? I am currently using Android Studio 4.1

  3. Hi Daniel, I can not import restaurantsRecyclerView by just typing restaurantsRecyclerView in the fragment first kotlin file. Any tips for that?

  4. Hello how are you. Do you have a video in Kotlin for making a button go to another page? I'm a beginner and I need some help learning that language for Android Studio. ? Also I was wondering if your video you do it with Java or Kotlin thanks ?

  5. How to save user input from EditText to a variable to be used on a different Activity

    This is one of the stuff u left out in android studio 2020 edition part 8

  6. Please consider sharing a copy of the project and post url in description so we can experiment on your code after the lessons we learned from watching!

  7. hello Daniel Malone please i have a mobile app i am working on and i would really appreciate it if i can get your email so we can discuss further. thank you

  8. Hallo ich benötige hilfe. Ich bin auf der Suche nach einer möglichkeit einen Link zu öffnen mit Android studio mit amazon. Mir wird aber immer nur angezeigt öffnen mit internet Browser. Kannst du mir dabei helfen?

  9. Hi Daniel,
    I would like to create an APP using 4.0, christian songs of my youtube channel
    Main Screen will be my logo and enter
    After clicking enter button, i would like to see my audio songs and video songs of youtube link
    Kindly help me out on this and please give your valuable suggestions


  10. Hi Daniel.
    I love your tutorials on Android Development cos its well explained and easy to understand for me.
    Am learn Android Development without having any coding background and am really struggling. Even the Android software interface looks broad to me and most tutorials i seen are not current like yours.
    Thanks very much.

  11. It's funny how every Part 1 gets hundreds of thousands of views on your channel, but parts 6, 7 etc. get only a couple thousand.

    Looking forward to Android Studio 4.1 Tutorial Part 1 😀