Android Studio – Firebase Search – Firebase Tutorial

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Hello guys,

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The “google-services” file is changed for security.


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  1. Bro, you are doing great, learned many things from you but i feel you should start more lessons in other categories too like web app and unity, i m sure the one who is regular to your tutorials had mastered android, now we all need something which will help us to be pro in some other segments too. I know you are not getting money out of it but in new lessons you can start charging reasonable charge like 5$ per month for access to your tutorials other than android. I m saying you this because now many got habitual of your tutorials and you got good skills which help us to grasp things very fast and in that way you can help us in many other ways n to your ownself. I will be your first customer if you start something in unity. God bless you.

  2. As always my fav tutor,please keep continue uploading.Thank you very much,it will be very nice if you upload tutorial for notification like college send notification to all student

  3. Another good idea would be to include the method thats in the search click listener into the a onTextChangeListener so it will give results as the user types in a query ?