Android Studio Tutorial – Part 1 (2019 Edition)

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Want to become an Android Developer? Watch this tutorial and learn how to get set up with Android Studio. After watching this video, you are able to add a Button to a screen and run it in the Android Emulator. App development can be fun, so follow along as we build a great game! Plus, the IDE is free for Windows, Mac and Linux!


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  1. I see that under layout folder, you have only activity_main.xml and content_main.xml. However, I find myself in a fragment_first.xml & fragment_second.xml. Also, I can't seem to see the same "mobile" screen you're seeing as mine is just white with next button at the end. Any thoughts as to why this is wrong and I can't do what you're doing?

  2. I'm really confused by one thing. I don't have the text view in content_main.xml. I'm not sure if I did some wrong settings but I have a fragment in content_main.xml and I have text view in another file with a button "next" attached to it in a file named "first fragment". I have a file name "second fragment" which shows another screen with a button names "previous". I'm not sure if its something I did accidentally or is it because of the new update

  3. WHAT VERSION ARE YOU USING IN THIS TUTORIAL? It's March 25, 2020 and I'm using Version 3.6.1. A lot of what you're showing — I don't see. Such as easily flipping Design & Sourcecode back and forth with the click of a Tab. But, I like your stuff and I'm coping by clicking around here and there to find out what you're talking about and doing, then keeping & trying to catch up. Going through your 7-minute video is taking me an hour.

  4. Emulator: emulator: WARNING: EmulatorService.cpp:448: Cannot find certfile: C:Users….androidemulator-grpc.cer security will be disabled.

    Emulator: Started GRPC server at

    can you help me fix this?

  5. When I try to run it, I get a message saying my anti-virus program may be impacting my build performance, And then it states a few directories below it that may be causing issues. Im new to this but do you have any info on correcting this? Thanks