Android Tips – Shooting Video on Android – DIY in 5 Ep 65

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Here are some tips and tricks for creating awesome YouTube videos using just your Android phone.

Remember, it’s still a phone, so just swipe down from the top to get your settings panel and click on the airplane icon to prevent annoying texts and calls from coming in. When filming for YouTube make sure your camera’s horizontal. Invest in a 3-axis gimbal for stead shots or just use a tripod is for you. If you’re shooting outside during the day, sunlight should be more than enough, but if you’re indoors you might need a lighting kit. Check out our livestream tips here for more details on lighting:

For audio, it’s best if you can use an external mic since they provide much cleaner audio. One of the problems with Android phones is that not all the stock camera apps will recognize your external microphone. If you have a phone that doesn’t recognize the microphone then you’ll want to use a 3rd party video app like Open Camera Once installed, you can go into settings and change your audio source to external mics. If you think you’re going to have issues with memory space when you’re shooting your video, then check out this video to help you pick the best microSD card:

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