Android User Tries iPhone for 30 Days!

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If I’ve offended any iPhone users….I don’t apologize because these are just my honest opinions so if you can’t handle them, there should be an “X” button at the top of your browser, if you click that, you should be good to go and your problem(s) should be solved 🙂

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As a heavy Android user, tech enthusiast, and tech YouTuber, I decided to take on the iPhone as my daily driver for 30 days straight. Will I survive it? Or will I crack under the pressure and stick my SIM card back in my Nexus 6P? We’ll find out!

Intro/Outro Track – “Paint” by KingAtlas89
Background Track – “Jivetalk” by Weirddough


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  1. 3 Years Ago I Ditched Android And Went With iPhone. It’s Easy For Me To Use. Unlike Android It’s Agitating And Hard To Use. I Now Have A iPhone 7. 32GB Rose Gold.

  2. I switch to Apple like 5 days ago never will I go back to Android but like sometime I don’t like iPhone because some apps I loved from Android I can’t find it on Iphone

  3. I was an android user from age 16 to age 21. I hated iPhones, made fun of people for using them. During those 5 years, I used 5 different android phones. From my 21st birthday when I bought an iPhone out of frustration with android and having the exact same problems with every one of them, I have had exactly 1 iPhone. I am now 24.

    Yes, I miss certain things, but not having to factory reset my phone every 6-8 months because it’s started turning itself off or freezing suddenly is worth giving up widgets and free music.

  4. Here is some helpful info:
    Get ur Samsung and LG and put it in the nearest trash can and get a ? This is my opinion the only thing I like about Samsung is the camera and all the buttons but the rest is trash

  5. me and my friend are going to switch phones just for the day tomorrow. I'm kinda torn between getting the iPhone 8 Plus and the Pixel 2 XL (even though I've had the Nexus 5 and 6P (upgrading every two years)) I'm just… like sorta disappointed with the Pixel 2 XL, but I really need to upgrade and I wanna stay with Google.