Android vs Apple iOS – Top 5 reasons Android is better than Apple (Part 1)

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Apple iOS vs Google Android. I highlight what I think are the Top 5 advantages that Android devices have over Apple devices.

What are your Top 5 reasons you think Android is better than Apple? Drop a comment below or post a video response!

Apple vs Android – Top 5 Advantages Apple has over Android –

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  1. I used android devices they're ok to download any software authentic or generic and that's the problem causing those phone has several issues 1 freeze a lot 2 slow browsing 3 get hotter while talking more then apple phone 4 talk time with one change low battery ? since I'm using apple never freeze if I've any issue there's lifetime software support faster browsing that's what everyone need guess what Apple phone way much better then crappie phones

  2. I love android all my folders have memes as pictures i have a mlg telletubbies gif bickground( it acculy moves) and all my bottons are telletubbie faces i could never do yhat on apple