Android vs iOS Development: Key Differences

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Let’s talk about key differences that exist between developing on Android Studio vs iOS/Xcode.
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  1. Swift > Java but Android is by far a better platform to develop on. You can develop on any OS you choose and the IntelliJ IDE is so much more robust than Xcode

  2. Hi Brian,
    I am a sophomore studying CS and want to pursue an iOS internship this summer. I applied to a company that does iOS and web development contracting. They offered me an internship but want me to help in web development because they already hired an iOS development intern. Do you think I should accept the web dev internship or continue my search for an iOS internship this summer? Thank you.

  3. So it seems Brian is fond of Android development more, which kind of surprised me. Except the last point ("which is harder to learn?": tie) everything is in favor of Kotlin.

  4. That's cool! Android development vs iOS development!
    I don't have any experience with Android at all but i would like to know from your experiences, which one is your favorite so far? and which one is better in term of IDE itself?

  5. Hi Brian, really good stuff. I was wondering if you would like to share what is the cost associated with building a video on demand streaming backend for web/mobile apps. Like the ones which you have built on your custom website. Thank you!

  6. Hi Brian, I really like the topics you chose. It's really good to share opinions. I haven't got time to watch the full session, but will continue tomorrow. I can't make it on Sunday morning, as it's the time for church. I'd like to support, even not a lot, but it's my heartily appreciation. Where can I donate online? Your tutorials gave me a strong start for Swift and iOS. Thank you! Not sure are you going to start something about Android? If so, that's great. Did you heard about Ionic? It just released version 2 recently. You mentioned that React is still changing quite a lot, not sure is Ionic more mature? It's older for sure.
    Anyway, thanks so much and all the best for your new adventure!

  7. Hey Brian, so here I am building an app for work and just had a thought of how I wish there were better videos out there to show us how to do unit tests so I wouldn't have to re-do all the testing manually whenever I make a change to the code. Would that be something you would be planning for as a video in the near future? Thanks!

  8. Hey Brian, do you have any plans on building out the server side for an application using some sort of db like SQL and Go or Swift?? Firebase is great and all but it would be nice to learn the inner workings of writing the backend yourself. Anyways, great stream as always. Looking forward to the upcoming courses. Big ups man, you've changed my life with programmatic views! iOS development has never been funner since I ditched Storyboards.

  9. Hey guy, really enjoying the videos. could you make one about entrepreneurial career opportunities in the tech industry. Im a CS and Business student but i really want to be independent and not rely on somebody else for my pay, well being, etc. Also would you even considering studying the field in school to be important?

  10. Hey Brian, if it's not to much trouble. Could you post a download link to that QA app you were using for this, think you mentioned you'd share the code for it. Thanks!

  11. My current situation is that I am looking to do iOS work and am upskilling myself in my spare time to achieve this. However I have been offered work in my current job to do android development, not using Android Studio, rather creating responsive apps using Javascript and frameworks like cordova to bundle them as a native android app.

    I have never done anything in Javascript or android so can anyone advise on whether this work will be related/beneficial for iOS development? As iOS development is my goal im not sure if this work will aid my knowledge and upskilling speed in Swift or hinder it.

  12. You are the best. Literally. These tutorials are so helpful, it's unbelievable… Because of you, I have released 2 games to the AppStore and I am about to release my third! I can't thank you enough

  13. I just recently started iOS development from a course by Rob Percival I purchased on UDemy. I only came across your channel by complete chance after I started that course. Great material here and you've helped me figure out certain things I couldn't figure out from the course. Just goes to show that the best way to learn is from multiple sources. Keep up the great work my friend!