Android vs iOS: One is free, One is Polished

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Google’s Android vs Apples iOS is one of the longest ongoing debates in the world of tech, and in this video we will discuss the differences between Android and iOS, share your thoughts, experiences below and lets chat Android vs iOS!


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  1. How about people buy an iPhone because that's what they want?

    Android is great. I've always owned Android phones and always will, but I will never understand this obsession with both sides of the OS aisle to belittle the other side for wanting something different.

    And Android actually benefits from strong iPhone sales. It helps drive innovation which makes all products better.

    Sheesh people, let it go and let people do whatever the hell they want with their money.

  2. how are high resolution displays a plus? at those pixel densities you don't even notice a difference at all and a 1440p screen will suck up a lot more performance/battery life.

  3. Iphones are not only overpriced try to drag and drop music into the music file folder, oh wait there is NO FOLDER IN THE IPHONE…You need i tunes. Okay try to download a video and watch it in your IPHONE. YOU CAN'T. You cannot even do that locally in Ipad. This has to be one of the most insane products on the market. The so called quality edge on apple devices…this is negligible. My android phone rarely falters. But my Ipad shuts down abruptly once in a while.

  4. iOS is a far better operating system compared to android I’ve had android phones including galaxy s5 which was by far the worst constantly crashes every time I was trying to text or ring out, downloading rubbish apps I never used it kept automatically downloading apps, which iOS doesn’t you can choose which apps you want to download or use

  5. I mean they are in it for competition and they are both just trinna be exactly just like each other that’s what no company will not tell you… but Apple is in it for the money bec that’s why they make u pay for all the music and most of apps on the App Store but tbh I godda still go with the iPhone because it is just a faster processor and a nicer design

  6. Oh btw don’t get the iPhone x… it’s the first gen of that phone so that means they did not know what the hell they were doing when they built it

  7. As a developer I love android way more. Since you don't have to pay to write apps. I can't stand by a company that tries to force you to buy their products to make apps for them. In Apple's terms and agreements you're not allowed to use virtual machines to run their Macintosh operating system (which is required to make apps). Their OS has to be installed on a mac certified computer. Apple is ridiculously expensive for one, also they even make you pay a $99 membership fee to publish your apps in the app store. Whereas in Android its 100% free. Another thing as well Android is open-source (not all of it, but most of it is) and I will always support open source projects.

  8. I phone has no change the iphone 4 looks like an i phone 6 but with better internal parts and storage is better on google with there google cloud and they make Android phone look different to each other android has been going before i phone and windows another reason i like android its been around the longest.

  9. Up until 3 months ago i was an android only user… HTC, LG, and Samsung. First smartphone was the HTC Desire 7 years ago. The biggest deterrent for me against iPhone was no expandable memory and the cost. But that changed for me with the iPhone 7. My carrier was running a great deal on the 128gb version and I thought why not. I've got 14 days buyers remorse so I can always go back if not happy. Gotta say I was pleasantly surprised. I found not that much difference in OS's. And I've discovered that there is quite a bit of customization so that I can make my phone uniquely mine. Maybe things were quite different back in the day…when Apple was closed off to 3rd party apps. I can't speak to that. What I can say is that I don't favor one OS over the other one. I like them both. But right now…? I'm loving my iPhone 7! Just as much as I once loved my Samsung GS5 ?

  10. I heard it said that iOS gives you the worlds best potato salad. It’s everything you want and need in potato salad. Android gives you all the ingredients you want and need to make potato salad just the way you like it.

  11. Samsung phones smoke the iphones but you gotta admit that ios is 100% better than android…the perfect phone for me it would be a s8 with total ios features…