Android Vs iOS Part 4 of 5

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If you haven’t seen Part 1 please see it first. An in depth video series on how things are much easier to do on Android compared to the iPhone or iPad. Please subscribe to my channel if you like what you see.

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Part 2:
Part 5:

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  1. You guys don't get it, android it sadly horrific,
    It's and eyesore.
    Everything I see on an android is unofficial.
    Also when I picture "customization on android, I see a little kid adding all these shitty widgets and poor graphic wallpapers, that's it.
    It way too much of a cluster duck on our phone.
    While on the other hand iphone is more organized, feeding you everything you need, instead of anything you can think of.
    It's not attractive to see all this shit together on one phone.

    And Bullshit his phone only crashed one on an app for the past 5 months. He's just saying everything he can to help out his android butt buddy.

  2. i recently got my IPOD touch stolen from me, find my iphone doesnt work when i dont have wifi….. GAY AS SHIT like jesus christ. im pissed the fuck out of my mind jesus apple you need to get your shit in a row 

  3. 06:00 my android crashes all the time ,i had to uninstall all social apps for  it to work a bit properly. it is a samsung S7560 btw. i also have a iphone 5c that sometimes have crashed into safemode but after a reboot i work like normal again. both these phones are jailbreaked/rooted.

  4. Guys you don't have to be on one side or the other. You can use both apple and android. It's okay. I understand why people like both android and apple. What's important is finding what works for you. All companies in tech have done wonders, just in their own ways.

  5. the ios theme for android is useless and if this c…t likes android sooo much dont make ur effin phone like that and its not hd on there jzkfgsdjlk

  6. On the iOS launcher, check marking takes longer than putting the app in because you have to scroll through a ton of apps instead of knowing where it is and putting it in the folder. unless they are right next to each other alphabetically.

  7. I use Nova Launcher as well been using it for a year love it. Especially since I can backup my home screen layout and when I upgrade my phone all I have to do is setup my new device and after all my apps are installed setup Nova Launcher and restore my backup and bam back to my layout and it's so awesome.