Android vs. iOS: Speech to Text

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Android vs. iOS: Speech to Text

Siri vs. Google Search (Jelly Bean):

Fingers are huge and awkward and clumsy. So companies are implementing tech that allows users to write using only their voice. That means stuff like emails, text messages and notes can be spoken, rather than typed. Not everyone uses the option, however, or cares. But it can definitely be convenient for folks who are in a jam and need something quickly jotted down.

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  1. iphones suck heres why. apple is the only company making them. so it takes a long year for the next to come out. but on Android phones you have alot of companys maken androids for different people like Motorola, Samsung, LG,HTC. all those. you know what pissed me off my friend said that iphones were sold so good that it made other companies stop selling phone. now that i look back it was total bull shit lol

  2. Wow, where the hell do you live that you need a data connection to send texts? Cause i dont need data to send a text and i dont know anyone who does either, its just sending through your mobile signal

  3. Apple doesn't suck. Andoid is just "ALOT" Better just because Android is wayy ahead. All you basically see in the iPhone are applications. Not hating but you know its true compared to the Samsung Galaxy 3. IT has a few MORE features… I mean damn Apple can't even add a few widgets???

  4. Apple isn't bad at all. Its just that they are at a slower pace because Android is made by multiple manufacturers. Apple is on their own when it comes to computers, tablets, etc. Btw I'm more of an Android and Windows guy. I don't hate on Apple because they compete with Android. That's just ridiculous.

  5. You won't, since the iPhone 5 (I bet that Apple will just call it iPhone 4s LTE and leave you guys a chance to spend the money again on the 5 xD) can't get over 4.0 and in my opinion, not even 2.3. From my experience, only people switch from an iPhone to an Android and not the opposite.

  6. The APPLE Goons will buy the Iphone 5 dispite it's not a completely new design . APPLE can't make the scren bigger because it's will affect their existing apps. There's a sucker born every minute

  7. That's not true for this comparison though, he was using a Nexus device which is just Vanilla Android, on a phone that Google designed alongside with Samsung…
    If he was using the S3, you could say that it's other manufacturers helping as well but this was just Google's work here.

  8. iOS was quite fast.
    Android just convertet the words when it got recorded 🙂

    I aint no fan boy. I just got an iPhone 4S to try something new. I had android before

  9. That was STT, not TTS.  My problem going from iOS to Android is there is no consistent way that I can find to read any and all selected text on Android.  On iOS if you set this feature up in Accessibility you will get a "Speak" button for any text you select.