Android vs iOS – The History.

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Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. What is the history behind both of these operating systems, how did they get their start? Watch and learn in this video.
Note “HTC ONE (M8)” at 6:03 should read “HTC ONE (M7)”

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  1. now wait a sec. nokia symbian?? i'm still using that os tho in my nokia c5 as my 2nd phone to received calls and texts.. this phone is so old, it almost seems like a rubbish lol but i love it. it so well made, i just wish nokia continues developing that but i was wrong.. overall kudos to nokia ?

  2. android now is not like it is 5 years ago,android has developed and evolved so much that it functions 3 times more and looks much more better,ITS CUSTOMIZABLE FOR FUCKS SAKE

  3. In many ways iOS has caught up with, or is catching up with, Android. I couldn't wait. Years ago I used iOS but got tired of the restrictions and missing features. Now I think the two are roughly equivalent, but I can buy more phone for less money on Android so I'm sticking with Android.

  4. IPhone having some quality but that quality comes with a price like fixed customisation , copying features and implementing them after years back from android like AMOLED screens, wireless charging, optical image stabilisation, quick charging, water resistance etc. and the list goes on. now think how much you paying to apple, in Indian currency latest apple iPhone X cost 25000 to manufacture but they selling on price of 89000/112000 for 64/128gb variant. and still some features missing in IPhones till date like non expendable memory, dual sim support, non-removable battery & the last but not the least 3.5mm headphone jack.

  5. Android was also not written from whole cloth. It's a Linux-based system. Linux, of course, is patterned after Unix. Next is also based on Unix.

  6. Maybe quit debating over which one is better and enjoy the consumer’s free choice. Without one or the other the market would be dominated by a single system and that’s not good.

    I personally prefer iOS because of Apple’s commitment to individual security and the OS simply works well with no issue. Great camera, snappy OS, millions of apps helps me get through my work day and personal life.

  7. Its 2 years too late but my only question is how some of these fucknuts are comparing an os to a phone brand…? You just fucking can't you cunts. I personally prefer android because I've been using it for a long time and I just prefer the customisation.