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Am I biased or are you biased? Apple vs Android. iPhone vs Samsung. Android vs iPhones and the list goes on. Who does your loyalty lie with? Apple Samsung or Google? Or is it another brand. Can you be open minded in the Tech space of today?

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  1. I can respect a youtuber who is open about their preference but can still be objective when reviewing a device irregardless of whether its android or ios. Some reviews of products just end up being rants instead of reviews. I guess the line between review and personal opinion is blurred now especially with the fandroid vs isheep war going because sometimes a review is objective but called bias because its not so favorable and then sometimes a review is totally biased but people call it objective because its favorable to them so in that respect i can understand the difficulty of being a youtuber having a personal opinion whilst remaining objective

  2. Speak them facts honey at the end of the day everybody at each other necks about a damn phone when we all use to have flip phones and black berries back in the day. Y’all need to back up off my man. Btw…

    4:43 ?????? Everybody get down!!!

  3. I come from a family of iOS users. I love android phones! I currently use the Note 9 as my daily driver. I am familiar with the iOS experience, but love the freedom of android. I just dislike the thumbing of the nose when I break out my note 9, and get constantly criticized by iOS users! I think it's all about preference! Dude, it's ok to like both! Just don't come off as superior!

  4. I can think of something about all the flagships and other phones that would make me buy them. I got a max and a note 9 and will tell you it's better than iPhone I mean it offers way more than iPhone but I prefer my iPhone over the note 9. Mainly because of how much better apps look and run. You can tell the devs pay more attention to the apps on iOS. The max is my first iPhone since the 4s and I'm digging it.

  5. I'm confused when did having a tech channel mean you have to be neutral it's your channel like what you want not what everyone wants you to like.

  6. Great review as usual. I am really great-fully and respectfully appreciative of your existing in the tech community.Your reviews make a lot of sense to me and I like that so much.

    Keep it up bro.

  7. Just like the guy floss says "I only pledge allegiance to the hotness". Regardless of manufacturer or OS, everyone should try multiple platforms and use what they enjoy.

  8. Bro, I switched to the Note 9 about two weeks ago from an iPhone. I wish I was joking when I said that a few of my family members blocked me for switching and I was like "?"

  9. Am I biased you tell me. You know I comment a lot on your vids. But I will tell you I use both BUT this is where my preference comes in. In my opinion I think Apple makes the best tablets so I empty out my wallet for what I think is an overpriced yet great tablet. But that’s it. When it comes to phones I have tried different iPhones, did not like. I have tried different vanilla Android phones and they are only okay. But ever since the Note 2, and I have had every Note since, I keep coming back to the Note. So, am I toot both horns sometimes hard. So, C.J., am I biased? Great vid.