Android vs iOS vs Windows Phone Boot Up Test, Which OS is Fastest?

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In depth review:

In this video I compare the start up or boot up times between Android, iOS, and Windows Phone phones to see which one is the fastest. I used the Galaxy Nexus to represent Android 4.0, the iPhone 4S for iOS 5.1, and the HTC HD7 for Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. Which phone wins the boot up test? Watch to find out!



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  1. This is one of the worst "test" I've ever seen, you didn't do any of it right: You had the wrong settings on the Windows Phone and Android, and didn't even use a clean OS on any device. Pure shit.

  2. Boot up times always were garbage on Nexus 1, Galaxy Nexus, and Nexus 6 for some reason. THE samsung galaxy note 4 is an absolue speed demon in startup!

  3. I have a Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia 928) with WP 8.1 (pretty soon in Early Jan. 2016, I'll get Windows 10 Mobile).  I have an iPod Touch 6th Gen. with iOS 9 and it boots fast and shuts off as soon as I slide to power off the iPod.