Android vs iOS – What You NEED to Know

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Considering of switching your smartphone for the “darkside”? Here’s everything you need to know to make the switch.

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  1. Jobs would be VERY disappointed!!!
    I've been with using iPhone for over 5 years and going to android.

    "ios is more reliable" hey its more reliable if you buy the new phone every time.
    if you don't upgrade to the newest phone your iPhone will start to freeze your wifi will start to lose range, gps will start to respond. lets not forget that apple loves to "update to brake old models"

  2. Getting an Android phone is like getting food at one of those buffet bars where you can get whatever you like and pay little or much depending on what you get.

  3. Everyone who hates on iPhone probably never had one i had many android devices and they were all garbage lagging,crashing i never had a problem with my iPhone !

  4. You’ve never experienced app crashes on iOS? Damn. That has not been my experience at all. iOS seems to be getting worse and worse, in my opinion.

  5. Fantastic comparison and decision maker for folks that can afford a single flagship purchase (this is the Droid I'm looking for)

  6. if you want freedom go for android
    or if you want a 1000$ phone that jail you. go for ios

    same goes to pc and mac
    i will take windows PC over MAC

  7. i would never ever buy android phone over 300$. i bought a almost 700$ samsung s7e, but what i got? no update to android O.
    i also bought a 99$ iphone SE, what i got? IOS 11.2 .
    almost 700$ vs 99$, OMG! i cant believe some android fans told me android is cheaper! android phone company make you buy their phone every year, FUck them! I WOULD NEVER EVER BUY ANDROID PHONE OVER 300$, ITS NOT WORTH IT!

  8. The most thing i hate about apple is that they never listen to customers.
    I don’t want the sensors,the emoji machine, the face id the new design bla bla bla. Those things are great but this is not what i’m looking for.
    I just need a good file management and sharing with others. I need a free partition accessible by all apps please apple. I need well organisation to the notifications. If they do this i swear i can buy ios device for any price.
    I’m looking for replacing the full pc system with ipad for the simplicity,mobility of it,and of corse the touch screen.
    But i hate the fact that i can’t organise my downloads and shared files and i have to duplicate every single file losing more storage just to open it with another app . And this process is not stable. Some times in large files the process fails and i find that the corrupted part already moved is missed and i can’t find it to delete it so i have to delete the app to save the memory.
    I want to share multiple files and no way to do this on ios until now.
    Data on any app are not safe. If you deleted the app fo any reason you will lost every thing. And no way to back up files to external memory or another app and if you want to do so you have to move every single file alone In a long difficult and unstable process with poor third party apps.
    On the best downloader on ios i have to make sure that the screen will not sleep otherwise the download is going to fail.
    In sum. File management on ios is the real nightmare you don’t want to see on any operating system. And to me this is the only obstacle preventing ios to become stand alone operating system that a lot of people could prefer over PCs.
    Or may be that is the will of apple not to make it independent.