Android Vs. iOS: Which is The Best If You’re A Software Developer?

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Android Vs. iOs: Which One Is The Best? And… Which is the best if you’re a software developer?

I get this question a lot and I felt like creating a video to answer this question.

Android and iOS are basically the biggest mobile platforms, now, in 2016. Both Android and iOS have its strengths and weaknesses. Which one should you prefer if you’re a software developer?

According to Comscore ( both Android and iOS have its specifications that every software developer should be aware of:

– iPhone Users are Slightly Younger and More Affluent
– Android Users Have Broader Content Category Reach, Despite iOS Users’ Higher Propensity
– iPhone Users More Likely to Engage in M-Commerce
– iPhone Satisfaction Corresponds with High Device Loyalty
– Developers Should Think About What’s Most Important Before Developing an App

Every software developer should think and do a very detailed research before developing an app, no matter what platform do they choose.

Is iOS better and more reliable? Does Android offer more options to work as a developer and, thus, will be the future?

Android vs iOs: Which one is the best if you’re a software developer?

Watch this video to find out!

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  1. I prefer iOS over Android but I haven't programmed that much in Android.

    Interface builder/storyboard is great imo, however the one in android is useless, and having to make the layout in an xml file is really odd. Xcode is a lot more sleek than Android Studio in many ways.

    The other reason I prefer iOS is that Java is shit. It's getting old and it shows. It's really verbose. Swift is much better in comparison, it's easier to understand and more powerful. Even objective-C i prefer over Java.

  2. I have joined a company as iOS developer as a fresher but they have asked me to go into testing as they can't provide me training (some issues in company) and they thought i have experience in iOS now they have put me in testing so i always have a way open to iOS but now its been a year in testing what should i go for Automation testing selenium or iOS dev ……….. Please help

  3. Hey John,

    Can you give me your thoughts on Ionic? I know Ionic 2 Is about to release (around the corner) I want to know your thoughts. People have told me it is the superior platform to Xamarin if you do not know C#, .net etc but on the converse I have been told companies who focus on Microsoft software stick with Xamarin whereas those who are only IOS (swift)/Android are grounded with Ionic.



  4. Objective-C had a very ugly syntax and was very difficult to adopt when you're coming from another language like Java or Php, but Apple's new language (Swift) makes much more sense in terms of syntax, it's almost very similar to Python, but it's not a loosely typed language like Python.

  5. Hey sir, i have no idea of programming and i am at my 2nd year of college aspiring to be a programmer. Could you please tell me how long will it take a person to learn programming and get a job

  6. for little apps and c# developers its good but i don't think any one should chose xamarin for his career you like it because you know c# very well. and what xamarin do that it converts your c# code for ios and android converts only for run which is not good if someone want's to be good and professional career i would be completely against about xamarain.

  7. I believe success is not can be decide that how much users Android or IOS have.. The thing is "Which users really want to desire to use that is IOS, Android working as cheap alternate of IOS."

  8. Good video 😉
    One aspect you did not touch on is that learning swift is not learning only to develop for iphones but there's the whole Apple ecosystem (iPhone, ipad, mac, iwatch, tv). In addition Apple did not introduce a language just to be used on its devices. A good sign of this is that swift is actually open source and IBM's presence at the last WWDC where they presented kitura, web framework to build full stack web applications in swift is another good sign. I mean we're talking about IBM here.

  9. Hey John, love the channel. Newb here. I went to to take your courses but, for instance, the beginner Android course is dated 2013… is that too out of date given the speed of tech growth? Hope to hear back!

  10. Well you won't get many bugs when you deal with iOS development. For example Health Kit and Coremotion(Apple's health apis) work for ALL PHONES and PADS!!! 100% guaranteed! The equivalent for Android which is called Google Fit,doesn't work for Samsung S4 and upwords. In fact when I was using their api to create a step counting app,I was getting negative steps. Also in Android development you have to consider different screen sizes,meaning more effort for creating layouts etc. On the other hand Objective-C is a really messy programming language,but swift looks much better.

  11. I wouldn't program for iOS just because they force you to use Macbook. If we, the developers, allow this what will be the future? Will we need Chrome OS to write Android apps? We as the developers should push for more independence and should be free to use whatever tools and software we want to use to develop our software therefore everyone who wants better future for developers should stop writing iOS apps until Apple comes to sense and changes its policy.

  12. Save your sanity, use Cordova or Ionic. Skip Swift, Android Java and Xamarin. That way you can target both platforms, without writing boilerplate code like a monkey.

  13. Thank you so much. This was the most honest piece of information I've found on the internet. That helped me a lot to make my decision. You got yourself a fan!

  14. Also Gosh guys. Come to your senses. He didn't say become an android developer. He was quite clear to state you need to learn both and he has no crystal ball. That being said it really depends on a lot of things, google has a world market to deal with whereas ios is pretty much Europe and North America. I guess know who you're coding to, is something to think about here.Also, logically thinking, if you start running numbers and amount of research done by google it does create a impression that android may have a brighter future, which appeal to those who are just getting in college now, or are trying to make decision trying to make a safe investment on a career path. As for the present and near future, it would be stupid to neglect ios. And I guess he made that very clear.I saw some criticism and most of them were based on how the market looks as now. I haven't seen anyone talking about, how that same market will be in the future for developers to come.But definitely, like he said, you might want to start with one of them, but learn both. That's the best and most sound answer anyone could give.