Android vs iOS: Which is the Best Mobile OS?

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If you have been confused between Android or iOS and have been thinking which is the mobile OS out there, we are here to your rescue. We pit Android vs iOS and compare its interface, notification center, functionality, apps, performance (phone performance and battery), updates, jailbreak vs rooting and all the other differences between Android and iOS.

We are demonstrating this video using the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Google Pixel, LG Nexus 5X, Galaxy S8, Mi Mix, and Moto G4 Plus. We are comparing Android O vs iOS 11, as well as older versions like Android Nougat vs iOS 10.

Music: Fast Forward by Ukiyo

Video Walkthrough:

1. What Makes Android Better Than iOS?
2. What Makes iOS Better Than Android?
3. iOS vs Android: Which One You Should Go For?

10 New Android O Features You Should Know:
How to Get Android O Features on Any Android Device:
10 New iOS 11 Features You Should Know:

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  1. saying android is better. lets talking about ios. ios faster. have a good theme. and important. no virus on ios including macos. maybe android user say apple have paid apps. yeah but all app. song have a license

  2. saying ios bad. why android users always custom he theme to be like ios from lockscreen into panel and app logo. wallpaper. and wanna see android copied ios. see samsung galaxy tab 1. same ios model. but copied edition and dont forget. he copid from iphone 4s. is back camera speakers and charging port. ios have blurred effect and pararel. android. just bad

  3. So what is better becaus i want to buy phone but i dont know what i need to buy ios(iphone SE) or android (huawei p9 lite)? So what is better ?

  4. I don’t own an iPhone because I hate Android. I own it because I hate Windows (even Win 10) and I love integration. The Apple to Apple integration is untouchable. I never have to wonder if this will work with that, and how. I get overall “polished” experience with the integration. I would jump ships if Google could do this. As for Windows; that crap just isn’t consistent.

  5. Ever tried sony xperia, it gives premium looks feels iconic design ( they won award for best designed phones several times that Apple)… Why don't you guys even do a homework before saying something about it…

  6. iOS
    1-better RAM management

    2-Best App experience



    5-Faster ROM memory than Android
    ( iOS VS android usf 2.1 latest)
    devices ( SD has poor memory speed)

    6-iPhone 7 has 8 MB cache vs flagship s8 or one plus one 4MB

    7- more processing power

    8- better battery optimisation
    (more standby time than android )

    9- twice the high quality silicon used in the processor

    10- every component is high quality

    11- best haptic feedback

    12- long lasting devices

    13- colour accuracy in screen

  7. Android users spend most of their time to customize their phone because it's a mess out of the box already unless you have the Google phone (pixel).
    overall,ios is more reliable and stable with less features but in the end of the day most people will go back to use the phone in a basic and simple way.