Android Vs iPhone 2017: Why I use BOTH!!

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I use a Samsung Galaxy S8+ and an iPhone 7+ and here’s why!
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  1. just moved from android to ios, bought the iphone 8. i had enough from android since 2011. the excpecttions never live up to it. no updates. apps crashes. its good for like a month and then it begin getting bad more and more. i see freind with iphone 6 that is still good .

  2. Audio thing is BS. S8 has been proven to have better stereo recording. Supersaf has pitted every major Android phone against the iphone and everytime the iphone has worse audio. Its proven to be mono. It's always muffled and quiet

  3. Nah I’m sticking with my iPhone seven plus. The iOS 11is amazing and I would never touch that Samsung garbage. I cannot live without iOS and iMessage. iPad and iMac all the way. Would never have the patience to deal with garbage touchwiz and Android crazyness. I will not the iPhone X but the next phone after that.

  4. good video good info for those making a choice between Android and iPhone..That's funny I get the opposite people ask me what phone I use to post my pictures and I tell him an Android there like how come my iPhone doesn't take pictures like that or have video like that my u11 and my v20 destroy an iPhone at concerts . I'm thinking for your friend and for yourself maybe it was operator error

  5. So you carry an android phone because you prefer the overall experience and control, but you carry an iphone…..because……it takes good videos?????? that's all you can say about the iphone???? oh cmon dude, if that's all you get out of an expensive thing like that why even bother? i would never buy a device for a single feature among a whole suite of features. those small things that you like should be the reason you only use an android device, you want good video and pictures??? get the pixel or hell get the new pixel 2 if you don't need the headphone jack, it runs circles around the iphone and at this rate always will. i have the pixel 1 myself and while there are things i would love it to have, where it lacks in certain things like waterproofing and loud speakers, it makes up for it in software features and support from google directly, it's camera, the EXPERIENCE if you will. I've never owned an iphone because my first time trying it out i couldn't make heads or tails of certain things because to me it should be EASY to do things with a single button. But instead i found that IOS while simple on the surface demands you to jump through rings of fire to do anything deeper than what's on the surface. as you already pointed out in order to mute a notification you must turn off ALL notifications completely, you can't set it to a timer, you can't just mute one specific notification, you must disable ALL notifications manually in the settings until you turn them back on and then deal with the wave of updates that come in turn. I personally didn't like safari and downloaded an alternative browser at the time, and when i used siri to bring up search results it automatically loaded up safari, that frustrated me greatly, why can't you have your own custom default apps??? it makes 0 sense, why even have alternative options like chrome and firefox if the OS demands you use it's built in browser to do anything? so you're telling me i must open up a link with safari, copy the URL, close safari, open chrome, and paste the URL into the address bar just to use chrome? fuck off with that noise it's too much jumping around to do something as simple as using my preferred browser. They introduced third party keyboards, whatever happened to that? does it still exist? does anyone on iphone even know that they exist??? do they care???

    it all boils down to this

    Android is for the "power" user as many people call us. In this case it means we love having control over what our device does and doesn't do. we love knowing what our device is doing, when it's doing it, and why. rather than having everything automated and watered down to a simple toggle of on or off we like to know we can say "i want this feature off during this time frame and on during the rest of the day" or "when on this wifi network turn off Bluetooth" we love having OPTIONS too, don't stick us with a single home-screen of endless icons when we can have custom widgets, interactive wallpapers that you can use as an alternative to dropping icons directly onto the home-screen, custom shortcuts to app features, etc. we love, choice and the know of what our device is doing and capable of doing.

    IPhone is for people who don't want choice, they don't care about choice, they don't care what their device is doing in the background even if it causes them unseeded stress. They don't care that they can't choose what kind of home-screen setup they have, they don't care about widgets and custom interactive wallpapers, they don't care that they can have all of their apps in a single place in alphabetical order or better yet sorted based on app CATEGORY like you can do on android. Hell they don't even care that upon install an app it automatically goes to the next empty space on a page in their home-screen and thus have to go searching for where ever the hell it is placed only to not put it in a folder and thus forget where it is AGAIN. They don't care that they can do a simple search on the far left window to find an app they can't locate for faster results and easier access to their apps. the Iphone is for people who only want something fancy that lacks actual customization and functionality beyond shallow surface stuff and thinks "it's a status symbol i must be super rich and classy if i have one of these"

    I can't tell you how many damn people walk into my store to print photos, are told to open up their kodak or CVS app if they wish to use the wifi service and then sit there for 5 minutes at a time just trying to find the damn app and then ask "why can't i find this picture here on the phone when looking at the photos on the computer" only to not realize that the photo is either a LIVE photo which is technically a short video or on the cloud and they didn't realize they uploaded it in the first place. "OH i thought it was on my phone since it's in this text message" FACEPALM!!!! ASKDLFJALSDFLKJS PEOPLE, IF YOUR'E GOING TO USE A PHONE, LEARN HOW TO FREAKING USE IT!!!

  6. Android mainly because of Custom Roms and ROOT Tweaks like Titanium Backup , Kernel Auditor , Magisk also I like that you don't have to upgrade as often because you can flash the latest android version providing someone on xda have built a stable release.

  7. Using a phone at a gig ruins the atmosphere. Enjoy the moment instead of being on your phone. I went to a gig a few months ago and the frontman went out into the crowd and everyone had their phones in his face.

  8. I am NO fan of Apple. I have owned Android based phones for the past 8 years or so. I can say, without a doubt, that they have all sucked! All of them began to lag and slow down after about 3-6 months of use. Without fail, they all eventually started to lag and were very slow. The phone I currently own is the Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 and the phone began to lag after about 1-2 months of use. I have been fooled countless times and continued to buy Android based phones, but will NOT be fooled again. As much as I despise Apple, the next phone I purchase will be an IPhone. My father has had IPhones for the past 5 years and he has never had a problem with them. I have used his IPhones throughout the past few years and they are night and day difference better than anything Android. The speed difference is clear. They rarely show lag or slowly down in any significant way. For those who tell you that Android phones don't lag, I call bullshit! I have no idea why they feel the need to lie in order to defend a damn phone and OS. It pains me to say, but IPhones and the OS that they operate on are far superior to any other offering out there. I'm a Microsoft and Windows guy…always have been….always will be. I try and purchase MS products when I can. However, When it comes to my future phones purchases, it will always be an IPhone. They are simply a superior product. This is the truth…. End of story. **drops mic***