Android VS. iPhone – Which is Best?!

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(Sorry no HD) Which phone is better? Android or iPhone? (or iOS) Well this animation doesn’t tell you much; it’s more likely to destroy your mind. Hopefully. Phone Wars, like Star Wars but nothing like it. But what would you do if your phone started talking to you? What would it say? hmmm…. Enjoy the short cartoon! 🙂


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  1. @MarkHilkemeijer yh I have android on my tablet and I've never had a problem with it! and I agree that Apple is so broadly advertised all over the world, but android is on the increase because of the large number of brands that use android on their phones and tablets. i'm surprised that android isn't advertised more on google though

  2. @MarkHilkemeijer yh, good point there. and people also have high-expectations for apple products, like the iPhone 4 which had that antenna problem… i guess when people pay a decent amount of money for a phone they expect the more hidden things like the antenna to work… and advertising also builds people up for apple products.

  3. @MicknFumi yh but most people compare the two when your are really comparing Android vs. iOS. I have android and I think it's good because I often use the online store at market . android . com and have a look at what's new and read the reviews for apps. it all depends on your opinion, the specs you want and the price you want to spend that will decide which phone best suits you. and the Nexus S is also a good phone 🙂