Android Vs iPhone: Which is Better? (The Advantages of Both)

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Who would win? Android or iPhone?
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The debate has been going on for ages, but which is truly better? iPhone or Android? Obviously, there is no clear cut answer, because there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Having used both types of phones for several years, I decided to compare the main advantages of each, and show why neither one is necessarily the best. Still, there are some BIG differences on both sides, that I think are ridiculous the other OS doesn’t have. These include the iPhone’s terrible notification system, and Android’s incredibly bad backup/restore system.




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  1. Today in the comments section: People who only watched the first half of the video, then start dribbling their onto the keyboard to leave a comment about how I'm biased towards iPhone

  2. iphone/ios
    no back button
    no separate volume adjustment for phone call ringer, text, media.
    some complicated nonintuitive gestures
    distracting notch

  3. i thin apple is better i watch hole vid and i think android is well AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because kids like downloading stuf and apple SAFTEY

  4. iPhone- $1000000
    iPhone- charger is expensive
    Android- get $1 charger
    Android- $100-$500
    Android- screen bigger
    Android- no home button
    Android- it's better
    Like if u want a Android phone or u are a user

  5. All I’m seeing are the comments from everyone, oh Android is better. I’m thinking to myself I’ve had an Android and I thought that androids suck in my opinion. I think Apple goes for the win

  6. let me see, i bought a 99$ iphoen se , it has been upgraded to newest ios11.2.
    my 700$ samsung s7e still no android o after android been released August 21, 2017.
    so which one is better?
    i don't think i would buy any android device over 300$, waste my money.