Apple Fanboy Unboxes Samsung Galaxy S10e & S10+! | Galaxy S10 Unboxing & First Impressions

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Apple Fanboy Unboxes Samsung Galaxy S10e & S10+! | Galaxy S10 Unboxing, Setup & First Impressions

Galaxy S10e vs iPhone XR SPEED Test – Didn’t See This Coming:
Samsung Galaxy S10 – First 12 Things To Do:

Today, we are unboxing the brand new Samsung Galaxy S10+, S10e and the Galaxy Buds! In this video, we unbox the phones, go through the initial setup process and check out the triple camera setup on the S10+.

Stay tuned for more videos & comparisons on the Galaxy S10 & S10e!

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  1. In a Couple of months no one will remember this phone….why should I buy Samsung phone if I can buy the much more premium iphone at the same price..and when I sell it I can get very high price unlike the Samsung which has the worst selling value "fact"…and I didn't even mention Samsung horrible OS support and system updates, unlike iphones 5 years support..and every one who used Samsung and iphone know damn well how smooth iphone are compared to Samsung.

  2. funny to think that you pay 1469 dollars on the iphone Xs max for only two minor upgrades xD
    and the apple sheep jumps right into the trap. try to compare the iphone x to iphone xs max and notice the slight difference of the screen size and the a12 bionic cpu xD and the 1469 dollars are for the 64GB version damn Apple you must be crazy or just a brilliant manipulator of a kind to make people pay that much for that. it makes me burst into a laughter just by the thought of people actually falls into your mind trap. make no mistake i've had iphone since 1g and up to iphone x and im just glad i got out of apple xD

  3. Man.. apple and Samsung are competing to see who's the most overpriced..and dumb people are still supporting them to keep raising their prices…smh…

  4. can the s10e record 4k60 videos without time limitations? my s7 only records 4k30, it can go over 10 minutes, but the actual file size are limited to 4GB each(doesn't matter if you store it on memory card or the phone itself), and they don't merge well together

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