Apple iOS 11: Overview

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Full walkthrough of the final release version of iOS 11 launching on September 19th.

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  1. hey DetroitBORG, You're making the best tech reviews on YouTube without a doubt! I really can't wait until I update my little iPad pro to the new iOS 11.. thanks to your highly professional review, I will probably update my device earlier than I expected. thank u so much man! 🙂

  2. iOS 11 System Navigation and iPhone7 Plus.
    iPhone Auto-Lock is set for 30 sekends.
    Low Power Mode is ON.
    If navigation working then screen is not switching off automatically and screen is ON all time.
    iPhone must be switching off manually.
    Often when trying to turn off iPhone it turns on again automatically, again and again…
    Why is it?
    – wrong settings.
    – system bug.
    – something else.

  3. An interesting question. Could you tell me how it is possible to put that small tiny white apple logo in the label of grouped apps? For example, iLife/Work". Thanks!

  4. Hi Detroit Borg / Came back to watch it again • I am a iPhone 7 Plus • Just a sidebar: Lionel Model Trains have a new Bluetooth for running our trains. I will be using my iPhone for this new Lionel APP. Gary from the West Side of Detroit.
    • Cheers from The Detroit & Mackinac Railway ?

  5. Hi would like to ask. Every time I receive call in my iphone using ios 11 the contact name didn't show. Instead it show brazil or maybe. Please help what should i do.