Apple iOS 7 Walkthrough

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Lisa Gade shows the new features of iOS 7 on the iPad with Retina Display and iPhone 5.
The iPhone 5c and 5s ship with iOS 7. The following models can get the iOS 7 upgrade:
The iPhone 4/4s/5
iPad 2/3/4
iPad mini
iPod Touch 5G


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  1. I have iPad 4 and the new ios 7 is ugly, it is not aesthetically alluring, the icons look like no engineer or professional worked on them, they are plain ugly, and the OS is laggy in general. They added some welcome new features and at the same time made the os ugly. Making changes to something does not necessarily makes it better, changes for the sake of changes are never good.

  2. iOS 7 can actually run on all iPads except the first generation iPad. I am currently running iOS 7 on iPad 2 and it works smoothly. It doesn't get full transluscency though on notification center or the control center but in terms of functionality, everything works the same way as on my iPhone 5 which also runs iOS 7. Great review! 🙂

  3. question. you said you can get iOS 7 on 4, 4s, and 5, and that 5s already comes with it. i'm going to be getting a 5 in the next couple weeks. do you think it would come preloaded with 7, or would still be running 6?

  4. Am I the only one that finds iOS 7 to suck ass? It's the same crap as before after all these years. Idk what it is but android os sucks now too. I can't believe it but blackberry 10.2.2 completely has iOS and android beat.

  5. the camera still doesnt have a countdown? how do I search for a word in a web page text with safari? still cant open two applications at once?… you get it? those are useful features, who cares about the freggin icons and the keyboard!!

  6. Hello.

    I have an iPad mini (first generation).
    I wanted to get a new iPad, it has to be 32GB (I need this amount of storage). I wont be buying the iPad Air because I would be spending more than $600.

    Im choosing between new iPad mini with retina ($500) or iPad 4 refurbished from Apple ($450) both 32GB.

    I will be using it mostly for school: textbooks, reading, web browsing, drawing, and rarely iMovie. I will be editing or creating Pages and Keynotes sometimes. Every now and then I play games on my iPad, such as Angry Birds, and Flow Free (I don't play games like Infinity Blade, even though I bought it).

    Weight is no problem because I toss my iPad in my backpack
    What Im interested in knowing is "If I would need the new internals: processor and everything else."

    Should I go for the iPad mini with retina or iPad 4?

    By the way nice video.