Apple iPhone 4 vs Samsung Fascinate (Galaxy S)

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I compare the iPhone 4 with the Samsung Fascinate.


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  1. My Fascinate sucks.. got it replaced 3 times now because 2 times the screen wouldn't turn on and just the other day the charging port broke. UGH. I can't wait until July so I can get rid of this.

  2. only good thing about apple is you can get the red,green,yellow out can pick them and eat them right from the tree other then that apple products SUCKS

  3. Hey there i just got a Samsung Fascinate Galaxy S, and im still learning about it and this was very helpful, but i got a question about the notification light on the phone on the top left how do i get that working? or if its not the notification light what is? cause i have looked on the manual and everything and nothing talks about what it is. if you can please let me know if you find out anything about it i would really like to know. Thanks so much for taking this question.

  4. The notifications came out with iOS 5 and yes it is on iPhone 4 with that update, however Google did it way before Apple. It has been a feature of Android since the beginning of Android. As far as the retina display is concerned,it means you can't see the pixels at a certain distance. If you have 20/20 vision or better you can see the pixels if you hold the phone closer to your eyes.

  5. I like both. My fascinate was great. Some issues arised on my fascinate. I hated all the blot wear. That's why I rooted it. Even still I had issues. I love my iPhone 4s. Like you said, one is. It better than the other. The AMOLED screen is amazing.

  6. @flamesgoalie R U serious I'm using samsung fascinate.Issues looks cheap,feels cheap,freezes all the time,slow,after only a year the screen looks like its plastic not glass,waited 1 1/2yrs 4samsung media hub that has limited movies,I don't have an issue with Android but an issue w/Samsung fake looking colors,My DroidX looks&works way better than my SI,my ipod 4th gen works better than both but I was hoping 2have the freedom of the open market w/Droid but cant use on any device other than SI ph!

  7. @zolotech Plus helpni had my ipod 4th generation and my samsung SI,&my.Droid X the same amt of.time but both Anndroids freeze. and force close. Samsung freezes and fc's the most,no problems out ipod but I didn't b in that having to get everything apple but I want.a ph not w/great specs but a reliable,& durable phone.DroidX was too big SI started messing up @no 14,&I never found a way to play data I bought on any tv or computer please help unbiased plan I am a media Hog 30GB a no!

  8. All galaxy s phones are badass they dont break easy and the iphone is cool but u drop it 2 feet onto a rug and it cracks i know cause i have had both

  9. Jesus Christ is God, this is the truth. In HIM was life, and that life was the light of all people. Get saved, ask JESUS CHRIST to save you !

  10. i have the mesmerize and i love it. (its the same as facinate except less bloatware and uses google instead of bing, and is on us celllar.)

  11. Galaxy is way better then iPhone… Don't forget that iPhone updates there IOS to fast and then the apps are outdated and unless you have the apps backed up then you wont never be able to have apps for it again… were on the Andriod you can keep getting apps for your device…