Apple iPhone 5C vs Samsung Galaxy S4 SPEED TEST AND REVIEW

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Apple iPhone 5C vs Samsung Galaxy S4. Speed test and general spec review.


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  1. Before I traded 'up' a Verison flip phone for a Smartphone 'Obamaphone' Samsung, my dad found an iPhone 5C on the road, smashed front to bits, but intact in the back. Now I think these two phones are better paired if the iPhone 5C were repaired at the moment, since they both come in around 4 INCH screens, I think it's a better match. Both have rounded profile casing, but the iPhone is thinner and taller I'd say, in profile

  2. I'm I use to have a 5c in white and a 4s and I loved it to death but then I saw that they were having a sale on the S4,S5, & S6 and the IPhone 5s & 6 at T-Mobile with contact I chose the S4 cuz the S5 was expensive ? I enjoy the S4 but it does not mean I don't miss the 5c's homescreen and the 4s's design and the emojis but it's greattt…?