Apple iPhone 5s Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (2013 Smart Phone Comparison)

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Apple iPhone 5s Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (2013 Smart Phone Comparison)

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 International Giveaway!

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  1. I really want the iPhone 5s gold!!!!!!! I've always wanted a phone and this would be a great opportunity to have one. I'm 14 with no phone so thanks for the giveaway! I've liked,subscribed, and commented one the ten other videos. I liked those as well. Thanks I hope I win!!

  2. i really need this phone because now i've got a iphone 3gs and it sucks please i really need it i would be make a video when im going to break my iphone 3gs if i winn soo pleaseee you make me the happiest person in the world. !!!

  3. I'm already a Note 2 user, so I'm already biased towards the Note 3, but I have been really interested in the iPhone 5s. While it's not quad core, not as fast in single core performance, and only has 1gb of memory, it is still running on an optimized controlled platform and it's compact size make it attractive for different reasons.

  4. The iphone 5s is an awesome phone but most phones try to imitate the iPhones awesomeness! I like the Apple company a whole lot better!