Apple iPhone 5s vs Samsung Galaxy S4

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In recent times, Samsung has been quite the aggressive company in its quest to bring the beloved iPhone to its knees, which is evident by the insane amount of commercial spots showing off how its Galaxy S4 is already the next big thing. For most of the year, it has proven to be a force of immeasurable power, as it has reigned supreme in the Android landscape — while also giving Apple’s pride and joy some much-needed competition. Now that the iPhone 5s is finally here, it’s not looking to mess around with the competition, seeing that it intends on bringing back the spotlight to Apple’s warm glow. Heading into that crucial holiday season, these two titans are hell bent on fighting against one another to claim victory…


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  1. Apple is way ahead of samsung!who cares for so much of user personalization and you even don't use it!!apple makes everything perfect its hardware and software cannot be compared with any other cheap plastic crap!it doesn't matter if s4 is quad core core or octa core,apple's dual core can easily outperform s4 do a geek-bench test and also a drop test!!

  2. Comparing the iPhone 5 with just a bunch of icons on the screen to the S4 with multiple large pictures on the screen is not really a fair comparison for performance. If you want to make a fair comparison, put nothing but icons on the screen of both, then try whipping the screens around and comparing.

  3. Yeap personal preference is everything. I have huge hands, and big pockets. I like larger things. I like customization and personality. I could use a 4s. 

  4. Typying on the iPhone is so much better. When I select a comma on my S4 and then hit the space bar there is no time ever in the foreseeable future when I am going to need to use another piece of punctuation, so why does the keyboard not return to regular typing automatically when I hit the space bar after punctuation. This slows typing down significantly, also, Autocorrect is much better on the iPhone, even with the bigger screen I make so many more mistakes on my S4 than I make on my iPhone.

  5. You apple fanboys are crazy. Apple has gone way down hill I used to be a apple consumer not so much anymore. Ios 7 blows to many glitches in it. The screen sucks, the battery life is horrible, multitasking is garbage, no expanded memory. For me the winner is the note 3 battery life gets me more than 2 days. The note 3 is BLAZING fast!

  6. People need to become educated about the underlying tech in the iPhone before criticizing it. It seems that people like to talk badly about it because it's the cool thing to do now.

    Yes, Galaxy devices have this and this and this, but how much of it is really useful? It's good for bragging, but mostly pointless. 

  7. The small screen on the 5s and the simplicity of it is definitely a deal breaker for me. All the gimmicks that you won't even use that just lag your phone and drain battery life on the S4 is a deal breaker for me. I prefer the 5s' hardware a lot more but the S4's software a lot more. In the end, it all comes down to personal opinions and preference but my personal opinion is that these are two very bad devices.

  8. First of all, I am an Apple fan…just putting that out there.  Now here's what I think.  The iPhone 5s is for people who want a smoother feel, more elegant look, and more artsy features.  The Samsung Galaxy s4 is for people who really care about all of the little animations and small touches that Apple has put on the iPhone.  Also, most of the home screen customization features on the s4 barely are used by any of its buyers and from my experience, no one that I know of has used any of the manual camera features it includes in the package.  I'm not saying it isn't good, but whenever I use one of my friends s4's and launch an app, I am not always sure it is going to open!  With Apple, when opening an app, a loading screen appears right away and lets me know the phone is doing work.  With Samsung, the phone just kinda sits there until it is ready and the shows the app.  Apple just seems to make there phone seem of higher quality than Samsung.  Just saying what I think!  🙂  Please reply!

  9. Don't knock an iphone or another apple product till you try one for a few months. It's not fair to either! Some like Android and some like Apple. I have both myself, an ipad mini and a S3. The mini I love when I am at home, its smooth and fast. My S3 is nice but it lags a little bit and could be faster even with 4.3 android but it is still a good phone.

  10. Samsung galaxy S4 is super duper cool you can just air swipe and if your watching movie and someone will call you in your house the movie will pause well just vote Samsung galaxy S4!

  11. The sales person at Verizon told me the iphone is headed the way of blackberry, and they have been instructed to move all iphone models to the back corner of the store because the sales have dropped off so sharply. I uninstalled all the Apple programs from my computer and now feel free of all their controlling tactics. Apple is like a huge vacuum cleaner pointed straight at my wallet. Samsung makes all types products that communicate together. Apple must do something quick or their drop of in sales is going to cause the dinosaur to fall. If Apple would work on pleasing their customer instead of increasing their profits, they could have remained number one. They try so hard to control you and what you can do with their phone, but their great story is quickly ending. I had an iphone for years and traded it in recently for a Samsung Galaxy. I thought I loved my iphone, but it is nothing compared to the Samsung. The leaders in televisions is Samsung and my phone works with my TV, it is amazing. I never realized how restricted and controlled you are in the iphone world, or how the Samsung phone can do everything better, faster and with a much better screen and battery life.

  12. Both are good phones but I got the iPhone 5s because it's the perfect size. A lot more portable . The Galaxy s4 and other android phones are too big their not phone anymore their tablets that make calls. When I need a bigger screen I'll just grab my IPad mini . I just think a phone should fit in your pocket. But it's what ever your personal taste is!

  13. I have the s4 and the features i thought were cool until i got the phone. They were pretty nice the first week but then i realized their not that great! I rarely even use them. If you want the s4 dont base it on the features in the video! Honestly! Cheesy features that are not worth buying the phone for.