Apple iPhone 6 in 2017 [Review] : Should you buy this phone now?

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iPhone 6 Review in 2017? Well, Apple iPhone 7 is out , but Apple iPhone 6 is now a lot cheaper… So should you be buying the iPhone 6? SyD reviews this popular smartphone, years after its launch. Watch and know, if you should be buying the iPhone 6 in 2017… We talk about its design, display, camera, software, performance, competition and all pros & cons in this full review!

iPhone 6 price in india : Rs 28,000

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  1. I am thinking about to change my Motorola g4 for the iPhone 6 32gb but I don't know if buy it or wait till apple anounce the iPhone 7s and the 6s will be a the cost of the 6 right now (400€), do you think the 6s will be a this price in 3-4 months or buy the 6 now??

  2. you said about your one of friend thought ….I thought it exactlty matched to me …but thanks you clear all my doubt….i already have 5s with breked screen …so now ip6 32Gb at 21149 i think worth for me thanks once again video clear my confusion

  3. I just switched to an iPhone ? 6 from a galaxy S6. I've been a galaxy fan since the s2 till the S6 and after a few months they get laggy. My S6 ? out and I didn't want to spend so much money ? for a premium phone "tired of that" so I bought an iPhone ? 6 for 199 through straight talk… well , I love it! Imho it's much better than the S6. I don't think it's as sexy as the new galaxy line up but for the price!?!! Winner! The switch over for me was easy as I have owned iPod touch and the iPhone 4S

  4. I've a Galaxy S8 plus. Now, Actually I need an Iphone.And, I can't afford a 6s or 7. So, Waht is my option now? What is your opinion?

    Though, I Prefer Honor 8 too, only for It's design. 😛

  5. Wonderful review Sid. I bought my wife an iPhone 6 today and I don't mind using an old IOS, because an iPhone 6 today is still better than many androids out there.

  6. Me 2 using iphone 6 and I must say it's fantastic easy to keep in your pocket to hold in your hand and it can be operated by one hand all the futures of the phone.