Apple iPhone 6s, 6s Plus India Prices Slashed By Rs 22,000

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In a big cheer for iPhone fans, Apple has slashed the prices of its 128 GB iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s models and iPhone SE 64 GB by as much as Rs 22,000. So now Iphone 6s can be bought for Rs 60,000 as opposed to its original price of Rs 80,000 while iPhone 6s Plus can be bought at Rs 70,000. The price cut was expected as Apple usually drops the prices of its products a few days before the launch of the new iPhone. In this case, Apple discounts come almost after a week of the launch of iPhone 7 series. Apple’s iphone 7 will come to India on Oct 7 and the starting price will be Rs 60,000 for the 32GB model while the higher models will have an extra price tag of Rs 10,000.

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