Apple iPhone 6s in 2018

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A great budget iPhone in 2018.


Full resolution camera sample for the iPhone 6s:


Links to info regarding the battery replacement program:


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  1. my 6s+ lasts me 6 1/2 hours by the time its on 20% on moderately alot of use. meaning a lot of youtube, music and social media

  2. OMG you made my day. Im planning to buy this phone because of Mobile Legends. Seeing it perform well convinced me to get this phone. I'm gonna go with 6s+ plus though for better battery life.

  3. I got one about a week ago coming from Android and i really like it,miss some features tho and the gorgeous screens i had on my S7, G6 and other androids but software wise i’m really impressed,buttery smooth and fast as hell. Battery life is fine for me i expected it to be worse to be honest but it’s good,get me throught the day easily

  4. 6s was the biggest upgrade Apple made to iPhone in recent years (4s to 5; 5 to 5s are the other 2 massive upgrades), like they advertised, the only thing that’s changed is everything. Such a massive performance upgrade over iPhone 6, processing power still very respectable in 2018 should still last at least 2 more years without much issue. 3D Touch and selfie flash are also features that might not be crucial, but very nice to have nonetheless. Only downside is as you have mentioned, battery life. I used mine for around 2 years and traded in while price still good. Now having iPhone 8+ and XZ2, but the improvements on 8+ not that noticeable apart from camera, feels like iOS 11 is half baked and not doing A11 Bionic justice.

  5. using more than 2 years and my battery health beta is only 81% now.. but still with heavy used with low power mode it still can get me 7-8 hours.. i am a very heavy user

  6. Ive been having my iphone 6s for over 2 years now its still smooth and fast but the battery is my only concern I barely get a day of use anymore I usually have to charge my phone 3-4 times a day which is frustrating. My battery is 82% based on the battery health from settings. By the way great video and I also subbed 🙂

  7. Nice Video,
    Been Using It since day 1,used it to shoot and edit my YouTube videos and still it works as fresh as it was. My only concern is with the Battery which i will replace soon and buggy iOS 11 that i hope will be fixed by upcoming iOS 12..

  8. But my iphone 6s drains battery very quick. It shows there the maximum capacity is 81% in the Battery Health (beta) section