Apple iPhone 7 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus!

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The Ultimate iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy S8+ Camera comparison:
A detailed comparison/review of the Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus including Samsung’s Infinity Display, Speed Test, Camera quality, speakers, & more!
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Gold Carbon Fiber iPhone 7 Plus skin from ColorWare:

Samsung S8 Bixby Sucks?

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The $2,000 Desk Setup!

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  1. If you want to fit in with everyone else and have a simple and not too complex experience, get the iPhone. If you want customizable options, advanced features, and an amazing screen/design, get the s8.

  2. iphone camera is over all better because it's gives u natural color, better bokeh,better zoom.& iphone Also have better and faster performance
    samsung is better for design,disply,freedom(


  3. apple is better by so far. it performs the daily tasks as shown in the video for the angry birds and 4k video exporting almost 2x faster. the galaxy also has horrible quality when it came out of the water, the iPhone 7 clearly had better focus than the s8 after it came out of the water and better audio after that too.

  4. i'd rather keep my iphone7plus instead of the galaxy s8, in my opinion as he first talked about the look most samsungs look the same more than the iphone. my mum currently has the s7 and i find it crap the quality is too sharp on the rear facing camera no hate to all phones tho… i just find the 7plus better…

  5. I own a Samsung, it was the worse mistake I have made in a while. When the phone works, it's good, however if you run into any problem and you need to call Samsung, good luck they are the worse and just hang up on you or give you the run-around. Samsung is the worse, I've learned an expensive lesson, I phone is the way to go, they have stores everywhere and any problem they are able to help you.