Apple iPhone 8 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S8+

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A full comparison between the Apple iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, with camera comparison!

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  1. I'm late af but been hella busy with school and the apartment haha, look out for another BACKPACK episode and Google Pixel 2 review in the next week or so!

    – Justin

  2. How could anyone prefer 1080p on the iPhone 8 plus over 2k resolution on the Samsung galaxy is beyond me, 2k on a Amoled screen and virtual reality on the the galaxy phones is a no brainer, while the iPhone's have nothing spectacular to offer

  3. Can you also do a comparidon of the new samsung vs the newest huawai? There are though more likely the same content (or is it???) though huwaii are cheaper but then you have another video to do ?

  4. can someone please help me to choose? i have no hate on both phones, but i really dont know which phone should i go for? ive been using an ip5 for 3 yrs and i was once a samsung user too, but ended up switching to apple because my samsung tends to lag alot after years of using… i really like the s8 plus especially the design and the bright display, but im afraid it would lag alot just like my previous samsung. For a long term investment, which phone would definitely suit me more?