Apple iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8!

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Complete iPhone 8 vs Galaxy S8 Hands on speed test & Camera Comparison!
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iPhone 8 plus vs iPhone 8 Unboxing!
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The iPhone 8 & 8 Plus feature Apple’s A11 Bionic Chip, Wireless Charging, Improved cameras (dual camera + portrait mode on the 8 plus), iOS 11 and more but is it enough to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and it’s beautiful 5.8″ Infinity Display, 12MP camera and….Bixby? 😀

iPhone X vs iPhone 8 / 8 Plus!
iPhone X Hands on!

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  1. Hey guys, appreciate the feedback on the ad. Stuff like this helps fuel the giveaways to give back to you guys but I respect the feedback ?? Also all YouTube ads were disabled from the start to offset it ?

  2. I tried different Samsung phones and I always had problems with that moment I decided to go back to iOS and it was the best decision I made when it comes to phones..I never go back to Android…ever!!

    I basicly burned all of my Android phones, filmed it with my IPhone and sent the video to Samsung to thank them for the great fire that night..

    I don't need a new design or some new high tech innovations that causes problems..I just want a reliable phone..

    Im now running on a iPhone 6s and after al these years it works perfect! Within a coupe of months I may choose a new one and I think the iPhone 8 seems like a reliable upgrade for me.


  3. Samsung is kind of like Hyundai. Decent, but it’s still a Hyundai. Apple is like BMW, just works well overall and has class. Hyundais are OK for a lot of people but I can’t drive a Hyundai no matter how shiny it is, just too embarrassing.

  4. I have never had Iphone, I dont think I will. only have Ipad and that just because my dji inspire was working fine with it. Now have no use for it – have phantom pro plus with build screen. so Ipad is mainly used by my younger one to play a snake game. I hate it as I cant do anything with it without I Tunes, cant put any files on it the way I want. ANYWAY not dissing Iphone but…. – OMG! Are you kidding me? I honestly had no idea Iphone was 1334×750 (326ppi)!!!! didnt realised it was possible and costing similar money what s8!!! WHATTTTT!? JUST THIS THING ON ITS OWN IS TOTAL RIP OFF and it is only your fault Iphone lovers because you keep buying yesterdays phones for tomorrow price! Shame on you… ! They dont need to change much with phone design as they know you will still buy it whatever it is. Plus you most probably stuck with your friends bonded with Imessage so it feels like it is almost impossible ti jump the ship even if one the other side is something probably better.

  5. Samsung and apple have been going back and forth of who have the better phone one year it’s apple the nexts it Samsung.the s8has a better camera .the iPhone 8 is better then the s7edge but not better then the s8.

  6. If the samsung phones would have had a higher geekbench score all of android users would use that as an argument, instead of “a higher geekbench score doesn’t say anything about real usage”. Just pointing out the hypocrisy.

    Apple is ahead of their competition, when it comes to their chips period and they deserve to be admired for that.

  7. Miles ahead on iPhone 8? You still don’t get a file manager of local files so to say it’s as beast as a MacBook Air even is saying way too much.

  8. even the iphone 5s had dual tone flash even the note8 hasnt till now iphone7 had stereo speakers yes i doesnt had headphone jack but even the output from headphone jack of note 8 is quite flat as i got with the note 3 and samsung phones still become slow after 4months usage and thats my experience i am a samsung fanboy since 2013 with the galaxy s4 but now i love oneplus devices coz of much better software updates and software support

  9. I like my galaxy s7 edge but the performance of it after a year sucks. Apps like Snapchat just don’t work as well as they used to and friends of mine using iPhone 6s have better performance than my galaxy. I think I might switch back to iPhone due to the performance. :/

  10. Tired of bugdroid. Switching to Iphone in a couple of days… boi I will not miss shitwiz or whatever it's called, that fucker is full of bugs and drains power like a mofo

  11. my iPhone 6 is beginning to die now and i've been looking at new phone options.. honestly, i've had several apple products over the years..but i think i'd rather buy the s8 this time round. that screen is amazing and the headphone jack is a big plus for me. idk. the camera on the s8 seems kinda shit though and i take a lot of photos ;____;

  12. I’m going with the 8 for me (personally) it looks way better and I like the camera more instead of the s8 it’s stuck in the middle also the apple iPhone 8 features two speakers becuase there’s no headphones jack Funny I get it but I don’t care also iPhone is way stronger and better then the s8 graphics wise