Apple iPhone SE vs $400 Android Smartphone

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  1. The IPS screen and small battery what makes me go with galaxy S10 Lite , yes it is slower ,
    ,yes there'sno stereospeakers, yes it feels less premium specifically for the plastic back which looks beautiful but can't stand well with scratches " it scratches so easy " , but it looks more modern, much better screen even i don't like the " new " big phones but honestly the bigger the screen the easier to read , the easier to watch videos and with a stunning oled i really don't mind the QHD resolution the FHD Is more than enough , it is fast enough SD855 and until now it didn't stutter at all , Samsung One UI is much better than older Nature UX , the sound is very clear in earphones and not far behind original S10 or any iPhone, ( actually there is very few phones that sounds better like GS 10 plus and the old S6 which was great phone that time ), battery life is great and I think it would be much much better the iPhone SE , the 25 fast charge is quick too …
    What any one can ask more than that ?

  2. my favorite phone I've owned A71… And I like my flagships. (Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Lg G4, G5, G6) Great screen, fast, great battery life… And One UI is nice

  3. You know apple tries to be like bose, audi, etc. Like saying: "we are so good company that you could get that much only for that price" but fact is he ain't like them. To be good company it requires something special, not just price tag.

    Apple: we don't know how to make, we know how to sell.

  4. Why not samsung lunching a new galaxy s7 edge 2020 with sd865+ and 4000 mAh and 8Gb of Ram 10 Mp front camera and 108 Mp rear camera with laser auto focus and stereo speakers with type C connector thats gonna be awsom for 500Usd

  5. Actually the reason the chip is even better is because it's smaller and therefore takes less energy and puts out more power for less energy

  6. I have a Se Battery die quickly. Picture not that clear. iPhones It’s only name brand that’s it. Jordan’s. Vs. new balance. Both nice. But folks prefer Jordan 🤷🏾‍♀️

  7. I honestly would still buy the iPhone SE
    Privacy matters to me and on android.. it’s not very safe
    Applications you might download, the links you could possibly go on
    There are way more people who hack on android rather than on ios because android is quite breakable
    I understand about the battery percentages and i know that probably android has it better but I don’t care about that, we’re going through tough times where we rarely go outside! I won’t mind about percentages if i could just walk to the nearest charging station in my house, and I probably won’t mind it aswell even if i head out from my house. I had an android phone before and even though it lasts longer it’s laggier, and says that it run out of battery when its like 3 or 5%
    It’s incredibly worth it, I don’t care about bezels tbh.. i love apples applications! Rather than to deal with forced unused apps like galaxy stores smh, this is my opinion and you don’t need this to influence of what you think, i just wanna stand up for iphone

  8. I stopped the review when he says about battery life for the 1Phone "…falls off a cliff." What the heck does that mean. 2hrs? 4 hrs? 10 hrs? Also his constant reference to "you won't feel too far from the high end…" as he shows off his high end. If your phone is your status, then OK. If not, this review is too general and obvious a tout for the Samsung line.

  9. android phones are good but iphone user exp still the best. Third party apps for ios always look nice and perfect, but for android there always a contrast (little bit disturbing for me) with the status bar

  10. DID HE SAY BETTER BATTERY? Smh… HE didn't do his homework. Like nope. Wait then he said SD n exenos or whatever is call is in the same BENCHMARK. LIKE HOW MY GUY?

  11. Am I the only one who thinks glass build material is overrated? Like it's going to be more fragile with glass and also more slippery so the most logical thing to do would be to put a case on and protect your flagship. Then, what's the point of having the glass finish in the first place? You're not even touching it

  12. it just sucks that people that only can or want to spend 399 okus tax and what not on a phone are socially often obliagted to get an iphone for imessage when its almost entirely inarguable to say that the comes even close to the value for price comparison to android phones like these. But I still gotta simp for imessage to get the social status for the ladies XD