Apple iPhone X Presentation Extended Highlights

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Apple presents iPhone X within Special Event on September 12, 2017. Apple iPhone X has revolutionary Edge-to-Edge display with 458 PPI. The new iPhone X has highly improved Dual Camera with 12 Megapixels chip.
Tim Cook start the keynote on honoring Steve Jobs for creating Apple. Next there was announcement of the new Apple Watch Cellular with electronic SIM Card. Apple Watch Series 3 has Dual Core CPU and integrated LTE. Apple Watch Series 3 also has Altimeter on the board! The price for Apple Watch Series 3 is $399. Ship date is September 15th.
Next Apple’s announcement is Apple tv. The new Apple TV has 10X CPU with 4K HDR10 features! The new Apple TV is also support modern 4K HDR10 content for the same price, as standard HD content. All sports live events are in your Apple TV4K! Live news and SkySports are in Apple TV 4K. Apple TV 4K will be available on September 15.
Next big step is iPhone 8 announcement. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus has Apple A11 Bionic processor with Apple’s own GPU processor which is 30% faster than previous one. iPhone 8 price is $699 and iPhone 8 Plus is cost for $799.
ONE MORE THING from Apple for this time is iPhone X!!! iPhone X has Edge-to-Edge Display made by OLED technology. iPhone X has FaceID instead of TouchID, so you can easily unlock your iPhone X just by looking on it!!! This is an amazing feature!!! iPhone X and iPhone 8 have Wireless charging using Qi technlohy or Apple’s own Wireless charger called Apple AirPower. Apple iPhone X price is $999.
This is the compact (extended highlights) version of Apple iPhone X Presentation on September 12, 2017.




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  1. I am little bit confused,I never own an iphone but after watching this I am curious to know why people pay so much money on this device to get an artificial animated mask to say "hello" and "how are u"??

  2. Very sad time for Apple when one finds the need to pay people to clap…wake up people. X ? it should be called… Exit.

    Face recognition? sorry, that's a no no…face features can look alike, as for the fingerprint unlock though, that wins here, because no two people have the same fingerprints, that is a one in 64 billion chance of that happening.