Apple iPhone XR – Hands On Review

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Apple’s iPhone XS and XS Max are flagship smartphones that do everything and anything. The iPhone XR is more interesting, as while it looks as futuristic as its siblings, it’s also less expensive and more stylish.



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  1. I’ve had the Xr now for 2 days and I am loving it. Upgraded from iPhone 6 so it’s a big step. In Australia I had to pay $1299 for 128 gb so you people have it great over there. Big ticks from me✅✅✅

  2. So for an extra $250 I can get a phone that has a bedroom scream, a better camera, and can be handled one hand it is more easily. I’ll take the iPhone XS. No, late. I don’t want any of them because they took away the home button And touch ID, which I prefer.

  3. premium 2018 price for a 2016 spec phone. That is supposed to be the best Apple has to offer? You get far better value for money (and better specs) with the likes of OnePlus or Xiaomi…

  4. it is a nice design and looks good. I don't know if I could ever pay $600+ for a phone though. That's why I have the iPhone SE. Now I hope they will make that same design but in an SE form.

  5. Suppose it's good if you're locked into the Apple ecosystem… I prefer my technology to not be out of date and lagging behind the competition, especially at this price point.

  6. I need your help please to decide. I currently have an iPhone 6s Plus and I'm planning to upgrade my phone so that I can give my 6s Plus to my mom. Which one should I choose – iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone XR? Or should I consider getting an iPhone 7 Plus instead? I would really appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks in advance!

  7. Really good review …if Apple had just made the screen as good as the iPhone 8 plus from last year this would have been the phone to get for iPhone fans, but as it is you have to think… Do I want to pay $750 bucks for a phone with a screen from 2012?

  8. I was watching the video @1080p by mistake …oops it does not support it…went back to 720p for rest of the video for more "realistic" feeling of what owners will get?

  9. Lets be real for a second. 98% of people buying a new smartphone is going to use their carrier's monthly installment option. And why not? No interest charges, small monthly payments with an option to trade in your phone half way through… Its a great deal. But going that route. The iPhone XR is roughly $33 monthly and the iPhone Xs is roughly $41 monthly if you get the cheapest one each.
    That's only $8 more dollars per month for the Xs…. Why the hell would you choose the XR??? To save $8 per month? That's like $0.25 cents per day difference… What is the point? I really don't get it.

    They should have shrunk down the screen size and called it the new SE because then millions of people would buy it just for being the new SE. This XR phone seems very out of place and rather redundant.

  10. different color options haven't been done in a very long time ???? are you serious ??? every years phone since the iPhone 6 theirs been hella color options especially the 6S and the 7 !