Apple iPhone XR: Red or Black?

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A color comparison of the new Black iPhone XR and Product Red iPhone XR! Includes different lighting conditions and first impressions on both the red and black iPhone XR! Which one should you choose? The iPhone XR has wireless charging, water resistance, a new camera, large screen, and a bunch of new iPhone color options!

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  1. Got the red iPhone XR! It’s stunning and all but that vibe died after you realize you cannot put certain backgrounds bc they look weird😭 Don’t get the red.

  2. The red replaces white imo.. you either want a dark or bright iPhone and red seems to look way nicer and flashier without being tacky. However I’ve ordered the black. I don’t like the colour from the front of the phon, how it has a coloured border.. it looks a little cheaper in my opinion.. I like the way the black all blends in and looks more expensive

  3. Respect to all the brave folk who went with the exciting colors. I went with Murder-Black™️ but got a couple of brightly colored cases as a cowardly consolation prize