Apple iPhone XR Review

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It’s just one phone that tries to accommodate all iPhone users looking to upgrade this year, to something that’s not so mercilessly bank-breaking like Apple’s higher-tier line. This is the iPhone XR – a $750 product that promises to deliver almost everything the iPhone XS has to offer, at a considerably lower price point.

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  1. This may be the best bang for your buck as far as iphones go, i love mine. I read a website that said that these are not selling well and they have reduced production of them. I am telling anybody looking for a new iphone should take a serious look at these, you will not be disappointed.

  2. Older android phones are sadly better than this iphone xr and I'm I'm not impressed that they charge so much for a phone considering Samsung, Sony, and other phone companies make phones with better screens and much more festures for cheaper or the same price it's a disgrace that apple charges for so much that you could actually get on android for less than half the price of the iphone xr and it will probably be better

  3. i compared iphone XS and XR IN store side by side and the text on a wite page is just bad and pixelated compared to XS ,my eyes hurt when i look how bad is it compare to XS …the screen is just not good enough to pay 870$ worth maybe 549$ tops for the 128 GB version