Apple iPhone XR vs Samsung Galaxy S9 – Camera-

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The iPhone XR just came out. So I thought id review it by comparing it to the Samsung Galaxy s9. Both top (flagship) phones this year. Android Vs Apple the showdown continues.

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  1. Last iPhone for me was 5S and was nice been using samsung note 2,3,4,5 and S9plus . Getting sick of google/android and majority of peoples eyes can't even notice difference in screen. and iPad pro has lower resolution and its awesome just brain washing trend ! Thinking of giving the XR a chance

  2. Would you recommend x or xr, camera is importent for me but idk if i can handle the bassels on the xr…

  3. I Have Been Thinking About Giving Apple a Try I Like U am a Android User All My Life & I Love My GS9 However I Cannot Stand How Dust Gets Into The Screen Becouse No Screen Protector Seals Properly Dew To The Curved Edges So Yea I Know Its not a Biggie For Sum Peeps as For Me it Is So After Watching Several Vids & This Bieng Latest Ima Gonna Give The IPhone a Try Thx For This Vid Loved It