Apple iPhone XS and XS MAX First Look: A clear step forward

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The iPhone XS is an incredibly fast, highly polished machine, but let’s face it — everyone wants to talk about the iPhone XS Max. I can’t blame them, either: making big versions of phones isn’t new for Apple, but cramming an 6.5-inch Retina display into a phone sure is. This is the largest screen the company has ever squeezed into an iPhone, and much like last year’s iPhone X, it’s absolutely lovely to look at.

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  1. Do any of you regret purchasing the color you did? I like the gold, but the back color I’m not to fond of. Also in certain pictures there is this pinkish hue. I like the silver model because of the white clean back. I think the edges of the space gray are nice, but I’m not a fan of the bland gray color of the back.

  2. Imagine a day when we all can go buy and build our cell phone from scratch then choose what ever OS you want to have on it then use our power as consumers to pick the carrier to use to connect ourselves to the internet. I ask that you all please take the socialist blindfolds off, demand more as consumers in a capitalist society and get with the tech times peeps!

    I use windows phone still to this day; extended SD card expansion; easy replacement cost when damaged by way of near perfect used devices from $120 to $200 dollars for 950 and 950xl, respectively ; handles all apps I want and use including word, excel and outlook then don't forget that I have access to my one drive on my phone which allows me to pull any files from my PC at home/work which includes word, pdf or excel and mp3 music that I can stream to my car via aux/bluetooth with Groove Music. This is a dream come true for me; also it kinda erks me when I hear people say MS was late to the game on mobil os; those people are showing their age obviously because MS was way way to early to the game on the mobile OS – remember motorola windows phone in the 90s early 00s – before they pulled out then because it didn't feed their main platform as personal OSs with third party developers of applications.

    but I see their (MS) strategic move with Surface into peoples personal devices when they took the worthless tablets and made them into personal PC tablets; how anyone ever used a simplified version of a computer to simply play games and read emails still baffles me to this day. Once the technology is there and readily available allowing your hand held device to be a fully functional computer where third party developed software works cross platform. Only the weak minded will continue to use apple's and google's communist platform of subjugation.

    Oh no, I don't have Snapchat?!?!?!? How on earth will I survive, what will all the other sheep think of me if I cannot share pictures of me with virtual sheep ears attached? 🙂

  3. Tbh seems like it's just a placebo effect the Max being slightly faster, just wanting the bigger one to be better than the smaller one – they are the same on the inside from what I've heard on the presentation. heard the MKBHD say Face ID is around 25% faster, and now you're saying it's slightly faster – apart from you two noone has said anything about that, including during the Keynote – placebo? or is it really a bit faster? time will telli guess

  4. Regardless of your preference apple has failed, Samsung flagship is a better phone its not opinion its fact's
    Looks like Samsung wins again… I was a Iphone fanboy and I have to admit Samsung makes a better phone. (Note 9 has More memory), (price is cheaper), (fits in palm better), (Stylus), (Head phone jack), (better screen quality), (more ram), (bigger battery), (better camera), (super slow mo), (2 speakers), (better security options on Note 9) , (fast charging enabled out of the box)
    No ugly protruding camera… Why cant apple get it together man when i lay the XS down it wobbles so bad its unusable such piss poor design. APPLE IS NOT LEADING THEY ARE FOLLOWING

  5. Wow that stupid camera still sticks out cannot lay flat wobbles and that dumb notch bhahahha what a horrible phone

  6. Same shit different colors typically Apple sheep watch these Starbucks drinking girls with colored long nails head asses with big ass phone that don’t even fit in their hands ?

  7. Have gone back and forth between android and apple since 2010. I currently have an iPhone and plan to get the xs max but Apple has got to do better with multi tasking. That is too much screen to not be able to watch a youtube video and browse the web at the same time.

  8. These are awesome phones despite the price. I don’t understand where people are coming from when they complain of the price. Apple offers a 450 dollar phone as well. Smart phones are a privilege, and should be considered a luxury item. People have their priorities wrong if they go buy a 1000 dollar iPhone and have to worry about the decision. If you are willing to sacrifice some minor features, the iPhone 7 is a huge bang for your buck. The latest and greatest will always come with a higher price tag.

  9. Could you possibly post a photo of the iphone XS max next to an ipad mini. Im really debating on just using my Iphone MAX as a replacement to an ipad mini, since we know thats been discountinued

  10. Oh let me make a video to grab some views before the review. This is your review! Your going to repeat the same shit over in the next video. Engadget use to be dope!