Apple iPhone Xs VS iPhone X – It’s not an upgrade..

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This is the iPhone Xs, the smaller version of Apple’s latest flagship.. and this.. Well it’s not an iPhone Xs, but it almost is. The biggest question we’ve got on social media is if it’s worth upgrading from an iPhone X to an iPhone Xs, and well, I think this is the first year where it’s debatable to even call this an upgrade. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and this is iPhone Xs vs iPhone X, brought to you by the geniuses over at Wix.


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  1. I think that any comparison has to be done with a third party software like filmic pro. The settings are really biased so people will think one or the other has to look better. Like Canon for example has nicer colours on standard profiles misleading people on the color science.

  2. I would rather have the x because it took them long enough to plan the design of it and performance. If we cant tell which is which dont upgrade. I cant even tell the difference bro the speeds are 1 sec apart omg. So is the xr boo. Lets stick with the 7plus and x

  3. What’s the point of purchasing an iPhone 10, 10S or 10S MAX when you can just use something like an iPhone 8 or 7 for an everyday go to phone that is almost just as good. Like if you agree.

  4. Honestly, The XS is not bad don't listen to the review they are just android users trying to run apple out of business the XS is amazing it all depends on your phone provider and where you get your phone from I recommend getting your phone from Apple and using T-Mobil or At&AT as a provider it's also the same price as the X so instead of buying the X buy the XS you get a small upgrade but a better newer version the battery also lasts me about 2 days!!!

  5. the only thing I hate with the X and the XS is that I have to argue with some of my friends that think I never upgraded and I have the X instead of the XS because they're both space gray

  6. Yours is the second comparison between these that I've watched. I agree the differences are mostly minor. I believe that the XS has the better camera and the audio may also be a bit better.

  7. This guy did not test the phones properly! The battery is so better on the xs the camera has been improved in a lot of ways and new duel sim fungtions! And usually apples s phones are the copy model of last years model bt with better and more features and those who needs upgrade can go for it! Or those who hav been using 7, 8 or older models is worth upgrading to the new xs or xs max!

  8. I'm looking to get a upgrade from a 2016 device and was set on getting a Iphone some reviews say not to get it if it's a upgrade from the X but It's a large upgrade for myself and I'm unsure which I should get?

  9. My iPhone X on at&t has the Intel modem. It's really sad at slow the data speeds are. The one thing that makes me regret my purchase. They should have went with Qualcomm across all models, and stayed with them for the newer devices.

  10. It’s not supposed to be an upgrade for X users. It’s aimed to make a better version of it and it’s meant for people with older phones, like the 8 or 7 or further back.

  11. It's just an iPhone x that's been slightly improved in many ways. It is only an s update anyway. No need to upgrade if you have an x.