Apple Unveils iPhone X and Face ID (with Commentary)

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Apple announces iPhone X with Face ID at the first-ever event held at the Steve Jobs Theater. Preorders start on October 27th and shipping begins November 3rd, 2017. Leo Laporte is joined by Megan Morrone and Alex Lindsay for live commentary of the September 2017 Keynote.

Watch the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus announcement:

Watch the full episode:


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  1. Craig Federighi look rather relieved when face ID worked the second and third time. I bet he went into a blind panic inside, the first time that it failed.

  2. A big thank you if you LOVE Tech you would be crazy not to watch TWIT Network live commentary so enjoyable. Love all that you guys do. Long Live the Live Commentary. ????️

  3. Here's a great example of how to seal an idea a decade later and say you invented it because Android had face unlock all the way back in 2012 check it out on android central.

  4. Using my s8 plus, looks better than this, better screen, higher res, navigation bar that can be hidden easily and a fingerprint scanner.

    I just turned on face recognition and yeah it's pretty quick.

  5. Animojis and Facial Recognition is what those stock prices bought??? Steve is rolling in his grave, cursing.

    Resolution is higher still in Galaxy 8…
    Funny how OLED is good enough, now?
    This sad. No innovation and Apple is not even keeping up. But they keep charging $$$ don't they. Lol.

    Samsung: swipes from bottom
    Samsung: : "control zone/drop" menu swipes from top

    Just sell out to Samsung already; Apple is holding everyone back now…

  6. I don't understand why they never put the touch Id on the apple logo. Would if saved on the face Id, making more room for the screen. Also I'd ditch the front camera all together. But I don't do "selfies".

  7. More like android every year…. I don't own an sgs8, but it looks way better than this. There is also an android phone that already has this black bar cut out. Iirc a xiaomi or huawei one that come out last month, it looks better than this.