Apple Vs Samsung – Funny Commercial Of The New Lumia 920

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The Apple and Samsung Users Brawl in a Wedding!
Funny Commercial of The New Lumia 920!


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  1. at the past lumia is a bit of better. but now whre goes lumia? I think lumia cant go ahead of apple and samsung again. I like iphone much than samsung. cause simple is beautiful?

  2. Windows physically sucks but has good OS. iOS is limited but has smooth software and a good camera. Android is unlimited but looks like trash. Why can't we just have one phone that has all those good things but non of those bad things?

  3. if you are a fanboy you are redarted because no matter how shit the nexts samsung or iphone will be you buy it beuce its your favorite phone maube stop and look at the specks for once

  4. in 2012 this phone was pretty damn great. It was my first smartphone. Then I got an s5, then a note 4, and now I've pretty ordered the s8 plus. I still look back now and am thankful I chose a 920 over the iPhone 5 and the galaxy s3. Samsung didn't become appealing to me until the s4.