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Messages on the Apple Watch allows you to keep in touch without always having to look at your iPhone. You can customize the level of notifications you receive from a simple one-time haptic to a ten-time haptic with bell and pop up! We’ll teach you how to find your Messages, how to reply to them, and how to start a brand new Message. Learn different ways to get your message across including Siri, Dictation, Scribble and preset responses. We’ll cover all the fun stuff too like Emoji’s, Digital Touch, and Tap Back Stickers 😎👍🏻

We’ll also show you what options using Force Touch will give you, how to handoff to your iPhone, and how to customize your notifications within the Watch app on your iPhone. So powerful and elegant, Apple Watch Messages!

Quick Jump Guide:
0:38 – Video Intro
0:56 – Getting a Message notification
1:33 – How to access Notifications
2:36 – How to reply to a message
2:40 – Using Dictation
3:22 – Using Emoji’s
4:08 – Recent Emoji’s and Preset Handwritten Statements
5:04 – Digital Touch – Scribble Feature
5:48 – Digital Touch – Heartbeat
6:19 – Scribble
7:08 – Apple Pay Cash
7:51 – Preset Replies
8:27 – How to start a new Message
9:02 – Using Siri to send a Message
9:35 – Tap back Stickers
10:04 – Force Touch options; Reply, Details, Send Location, Choose Language
10:32 – Deleting options
11:15 – Shortcuts to the Message app
12:14 – Handoff to iPhone
14:10 – Messages Settings in Watch App on iPhone
14:30 – Messages Settings in Watch App on iPhone: Mirror iPhone; Alerts, Sounds, Haptics
15:20 – Messages Settings in Watch App on iPhone: Set how many times to repeat alerts
15:42 – Messages Settings in Watch App on iPhone: Customize Dictated messages
16:18 – Messages Settings in Watch App on iPhone: Default replies; Add New, Delete, Re-order
17:19 – Messages Settings in Watch App on iPhone: Read Receipts

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  1. Ooooo. That's nice. I don't have an Iphone nor an Apple watch. Lol. But I have Samsung Galaxy phone. Getting a Galaxy watch. The Apple watch looks like it works the same way as Samsung smart watch.

  2. Can you edit the text before you send it? I thought I figured it out once and now I can’t figure it out again. If I do dictation it sends right away, but is there a way to edit it???

  3. Good video, saw a few things I was not aware of. One major issue I have with Apple Watch Messages and Apple Pay on my AW3 cellular is the blue Apple Pay button disappears. Yes, in the iPhone Watch app > My Watch > Wallet & Apple Pay, Apple Pay Cash is turned on.The only way to again have it appear in AW3 Messages is to unpair the iPhone from the AW3 then again pair them. After a few times of unparing and pairing I can live without Apple Pay Cash on the AW3 Messages app; just pull out the iPhone.

  4. If you don’t have the cellular version and you’re not near your phone, will you still get a text message notification?

  5. Do you have any thoughts on I watch pillow? . Just wondering if it’s worth buying the app. ❤️ from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  6. Hello. Ive just purchased my Apple 3 watch but not having much success with Facebook Messenger. Got a message from someone but could not reply. Can’t we reply just like we do with iMessage? Do you have any YouTube videos to explain how to use Facebook messenger? Appreciate your help. Your videos are very helpful.

  7. You two are great, but it does get old having you ask us/me to watch the commercials. Sorry, but I never watch commercials on Y.T. or TV. Peace!