Apple Watch vs. Android Wear – A Quick Look

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Join Jayce as he talks about the Apple Watch vs. Android Wear


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  1. the moto 360 is probably the most popular smart watch from android wear an i think its good too but when i look at it's features it is very limited to wat it can do but apple can do so much more you know but since this is a page for android only ya all gonna disagree accept the ones that have a brain??? ya gotta admit android is descent but apple is way up there cause ya remember who made the touchscreen, and the mouse, and the computer and it could go on and on and on but apple made it all ??? get ya facts right! we wouldnt have tablets and proper phone wiv touchscreens if it werent for apple!!

  2. " We know there a million better choices out there, but we know you will buy our stuff. Because your our bitch. yes, its true, your our bitch" -Apple 2015

  3. "Pay 10,000$ for a gold Apple Watch!" "They are perfect for people who can't be bothered to reach into there pocket and turn their iPhone on!" -Apple 2015