Apple Wireless AirPods vs Samsung Gear Icon X wireless EarBuds

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Apple Wireless AirPods vs Samsung Gear Icon X wireless EarBuds.
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  1. Even if the iconx as all those fancy controls, the air pods still has some potential, it's got fast charging, connectivity against multiple devices through iCloud, new W1chip for quick connectivity, and sensors not touchscreen. Plus the gear iconX looks like my grandmas hearing aid

  2. iPhones kill Samsung! Windows kill mac! These Samsung fanboys are waiting for android updates from google and Apple got its unique iOS version! The major thing, samsung doesn't even have its own OS!!!!?????

  3. Two major disadvantages is that with the Samsung ones is they don't auto-connect when you open the case and the battery life is horrible. As a Samsung fanboy I would have to choose Airpods on this. Samsung did a dreadful job with theirs

  4. Samsung gears are the best then AirPods. Samsung empress me year by year. Samsung is going to make a better futures also Microsoft , Apple the same but" ( expensive )"

  5. Damit i was going to buy AirPods for my Iphone7+ and when i watched this fucking video i changed my mind fml any one want my iphone for free??!